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Miralus Healthcare is a company that is best known for marketing the homeopathic headache product HeadOn. The product has become well known for its simple television commercial which thrice repeats the phrase "HeadOn: Apply directly to the forehead!", without making any claims about the product's intended use or efficacy; for which there is no evidence. On September 26, 2008, ownership of the HeadOn brand and its manufacture was transferred to Sirvision, inc. of North America.[1] Miralus healthcare still produces other products listed below.

Miralus Healthcare is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming. [2]


Name of product Type Year introduced Slogan(s) Notes
ActivOn joint and muscle pain remedy 2006 "Apply directly where it hurts." (not repeated) Contains similar ingredients to Vicks VapoRub ointment.[3]
FirstOn itch remedy 2007 "Apply directly where it itches." (not repeated) Contains 1% hydrocortisone.[4] Product renamed ActivOn Maximum Strength Anti-Itch.
Flexitol heel balm "Prescribe it for yourself - it works!" Contained urea and moisturizers.[5] Product is now distributed by Eulactol USA, subsidiary of Australian company Laderma; distributed in Australia and New Zealand as Eulactol.[6]
FREEdHEM hemorrhoid cream ca. September 2005 "The only one-application hemorrhoid cream" (original slogan, stated three times)
"Freedom from hemorrhoids - FREEdHEM Hemorrhoid Cream" (also stated three times)
Contained activated charcoal.[7] (Product discontinued)
HeadOn (original formulation) homeopathic placebo 2004 "Have you heard about HeadOn?" (original slogan)
"Apply directly to the forehead" (originally stated three times)
"We will give you your money back" (stated two times)
The commercial spawned an Internet meme, with various parodies due to the simplicity and repetition of the HeadOn slogan.
PreferOn scar remedy April 2007 "Apply directly to the scar" (not repeated) Contains vitamin E.[8]
RenewIn joint + energy pills 2007 "The only intensive release supplement for joint care and energy" Contains glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and other ingredients.[9]


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