Mirror's Edge (2016 video game)

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This article is about the reboot developed by DICE. For the 2008 video game, see Mirror's Edge.
Mirror's Edge
Developer(s) EA Digital Illusions CE
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Director(s) Erik Odeldahl
Producer(s) Sara Jansson
Designer(s) Viljar Sommerbakk
Engine Frostbite 3
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release date(s) Q1 2016
Genre(s) Action-adventure, platform
Mode(s) Single-player

Mirror's Edge is an action-adventure platform video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts. It is a reboot of 2008's Mirror's Edge and will revolve around Faith's past.[1]


A new Mirror's Edge game was officially revealed in June 2013 at the Electronic Arts press event at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013. It will be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.[2] The game has been confirmed as a prequel to Mirror's Edge showcasing the origins of Faith,[3] and will use the newer Frostbite 3 engine.[4] Electronic Arts later confirmed that the game will be an "open-world action adventure."[5] According to DICE's general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson, the sequel will focus on the first-person combat mechanics building upon the first-person movement mechanics that were present in the first game.[6]

The game was featured at E3 for a second time in June 2014, and prototype gameplay was briefly shown. It has been suggested the new Mirror's Edge will have more varied gameplay for Faith and the Runners, where they will serve a greater purpose than in the first game.[7] In January 2014, writer Rhianna Pratchett announced on Twitter that she would not be involved with the new game and neither would most of the original team.[8]

Mirror's Edge was confirmed to have a release date window of early 2016.[9]


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