Mirror Mirror (4Minute song)

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"Mirror Mirror"
Single by 4minute
from the album 4minutes Left
Released April 5, 2011
Recorded 2011
Genre Dance-pop, electropop
Length 03:35
Label Cube Entertainment
4minute Korean singles chronology
"Heart to Heart"
"Mirror Mirror"
"Volume Up"

"Mirror Mirror" is a song by South Korean girl group 4minute. The song is the second single from their first full-length album, 4minutes Left. It is their comeback single alongside Heart to Heart from a long hiatus from Korean music. It was promoted alongside Heart to Heart as a shadow title track, however it was promoted more heavily than Heart to Heart.[1]


The song was released on the album "4minutes Left". The single was promoted by releasing individual teasers where each member is facing a mirror reflecting on themselves and the teasers were called Steal 20.[2] The full length music video was released on April 5, 2011

The song was written and composed by ShinSaDong Tiger & Blue Magic.


4minute had their first performance of "Mirror Mirror" in April. It was performed full length, while the single released alongside it, "Heart to Heart", was performed as a shorter version on Mnet's M!Countdown.[3] It was also performed it Inkigayo, Music Bank, Music Core and many others.

Choreography changes[edit]

During the second chorus, 4minute performs a spread leg dance, which was later perceived as controversial. Many viewers found the move provocative and too overtly sexual for television. 4minute was not alone in the controversy as a new girl group, Rania, also receive the same complain because of a similar dancemove. The spread leg dance was later banned by KBS Music show from Music Bank and SBS from Inkigayo.[4] Due to this problems 4minute changed their choreography twice, in order for no bans may be applied to the group.

Music video[edit]

The concept of the video reflects the title of the song. The video starts with a mirror breaking. The girls in the first part of the song, sings in a black and white background with geometrical shapes. By the second chorus the girls then are seen in a street with lights and an orange sky serving as backgrounds. By the final part of the song, they are seen in both of the previous concepts. Throughout the song the girls are also seen in a room with mirror serving as walls, however the girls are also seen alone in the rooms.

Chart performance[edit]

In the beginning, their song "Mirror Mirror" didn't chart so well, charting at the bottom of the top 10. However, as the song starts getting more buzz, they started hitting high in the charts. Their main competitor was the all male-group Big Bang and they also charted at first place on most musical charts. On the issue dated April 19, the group hit No. 2 on the Gaon Chart, the official Music record chart of South Korea, losing to Big Bang.

Chart Peak
Gaon Digital chart[5] 2
Gaon Streaming Singles chart[5] 4
Gaon Download Singles chart[5] 2
Gaon BGM chart[5] 1
Gaon Mobile Ringtone chart[5] 1
Gaon Yearly chart[5] #29 (249,954,557 Points) [6]


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