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Mis Latvija
Formation 1989
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Riga
Miss World
Miss Earth
Miss International
Miss Supranational
Official language
National Director
Inta Fogele
Website Official website

Mis Latvia (Miss World Latvia) is a national beauty pageant that selects the Latvian representative to the Miss World pageant.


Agency Mis Latvija is the only official organization entitled to organize the National beauty contests Miss and Mister Latvia. The pageant has been a success already for more than 25 years in Latvia.

Agency's sole owner and founder is Ms. Inta Fogele who has been organising Miss Latvia since 1988. She has received awards for achievements in promoting cultural ties on two occasions between Latvia and Ukraine and Latvia and Malta, and acknowledged as one of the best directors of the National beauty contests in the world.

The government of Latvia supports the agency by financing the licenses to Miss and Mister World contests as a way of promoting image of the country in the world.[1]


Miss World Latvia[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Mis Latvija represents her country at Miss World. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

Year Mis Latvija Placement
Latvia 1989 Ina Magone Unplaced
Latvia 1990 Velga Braznevica Unplaced
Latvia 1991 Inese Slesere Unplaced
Latvia 1992 Zane Valicka Unplaced
Latvia 1993 Sigita Rude Unplaced
Latvia 1994 Daina Tobija Unplaced
Latvia 1995 Ieva Melina Unplaced
Latvia 1996 Anta Dukure Unplaced
Latvia 1997 Liga Graudumniece Unplaced
Latvia 1999 Evija Rucevska Unplaced
Latvia 2001 Dina Kalandarova Unplaced
Latvia 2002 Baiba Svarca Unplaced
Latvia 2003 Irina Askolska Unplaced
Latvia 2004 Agnese Eiduka Unplaced
Latvia 2005 Valerija Sevcuka Unplaced
Latvia 2006 Liga Meinarte Unplaced
Latvia 2007 Kristina Djadenko Unplaced
Latvia 2008 Ina Avlasevica Unplaced
Latvia 2009 Ieva Lase Unplaced
Latvia 2010 Ludmila Voroncova Unplaced
Latvia 2011 Alise Miskovska Unplaced
Latvia 2012 Anastasiya Skibunova Unplaced
Latvia 2013 Eva Dombrovska Unplaced
Latvia 2014 Liliana Garkalne Unplaced
Latvia 2015 Lāsma Zemene TBA

Miss Earth Latvia[edit]

Latvia debuted in 2001. The Miss Latvia first or second runner up usually competes in Miss Earth pageant. Prior 2014, Miss Earth Latvia used to be selected by a Miss Earth casting in Riga. Latvia did not compete in 2002-2004, 2006, 2012-2013.

Year Miss Earth Latvia Placement
Latvia 2001 Jelena Keirane Top 16
Latvia 2005 Nora Reinholde Unplaced
Latvia 2007 Ilze Jankovska Unplaced
Latvia 2008 Anita Baltruna Unplaced
Latvia 2009 Diana Kubasova Unplaced
Latvia 2010 Eva Caune Unplaced
Latvia 2011 Sanda Mezecka Unplaced
Latvia 2014 Alise Feldmane Unplaced
2015 Malvīne Stučka TBD

Miss International Latvia[edit]

Latvia debut in 1998. Sometimes the Runner-up will be competing at Miss International pageant. Latvian representatives at the pageant traditionally will be picking by Mis Latvija contestants in every year to represent Latvia. Latvia did not compete in 2000, 2002-2003, 2005-2006 and 2013.

Year Miss International Latvia Placement
Latvia 1998 Liga Graudumniece Unplaced
Latvia 1999 Agnese Keisha Unplaced
Latvia 2001 Laura Viskna Unplaced
China 2004 Jelena Keirane Top 10
China 2007 Laura Fogele Unplaced
China 2008 Kristina Djadenko Unplaced
China 2009 Anda Pudule Unplaced
China 2010 Annija Alvatere Unplaced
China 2011 Lelde Paulsone Top 15
China 2012 Kristina Viluma Unplaced

Miss Supranational Latvia[edit]

Latvia debut in 2009. Miss Supranational Latvia candidate will be selecting by Mis Latvija contest. Sometime the official candidate will be hand picking by another organization especially in 2013. Latvia did not compete in 2012.

Year Miss Supranational Latvia Placement
China 2009 Anastasija Begeba Unplaced
China 2010 Annija Alvatere Unplaced
China 2011 Eva Caune Top 20
China 2013 Diana Kubasova Top 20


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