Misaki-kōen Station (Osaka)

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Misaki-kōen Station
Prefecture Osaka
(See other stations in Osaka)
District Sennan
Town Misaki
Neighborhood etc. 3714, Tannowa
Coordinates 34°19′25″N 135°09′37″E / 34.3235375°N 135.1601601°E / 34.3235375; 135.1601601Coordinates: 34°19′25″N 135°09′37″E / 34.3235375°N 135.1601601°E / 34.3235375; 135.1601601
Postal code 599-0301
(in Japanese) 大阪府泉南郡岬町淡輪3714
Year opened 1938
Former name Minami-Tannowa Station
Present name since 1957
Rail services
Station number(s) NK41
Operator(s) Nankai Electric Railway
Line(s) Nankai Main Line
Tanagawa Line
Aiga bus inv.svg There is a bus stop near this station

Misaki-kōen Station (みさき公園駅 Misaki-kōen-eki?) is a train station in Misaki, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, owned by Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. The station is the nearest station to Misaki Park run by Nankai Group.



The station has 2 island platforms serving 5 tracks on the embankment. Track 4 is located in the south part of the northbound platform serving Tracks 3 and 5.

1 Nankai Line for Wakayamashi
returning for Namba (Local, Sub. Express)
Change to the Airport Line at Izumisano for Kansai Airport
2 Nankai Line for Wakayamashi
3 Nankai Line for Namba
Change to the Airport Line at Izumisano for Kansai Airport
4 Tanagawa Line for Tanagawa (one train every day)
5 Tanagawa Line for Tanagawa


  • Misaki Park
  • Osaka Golf Club
  • Misaki Post Office
  • Sairyo Tomb
  • Shiratoyama Tomb
  • Mnanabeyama Tomb

Adjacent stations[edit]

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