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Other missions bearing the name San Juan Bautista include the Mission San Juan Bautista in California
and the Misión San Juan Bautista in Coahuila
San Juan Bautista map.png

Mission San Juan Bautista was founded by the Jesuit missionary Pedro de Ugarte in 1705, about 30 kilometers south of Loreto near the Gulf of California coast of what is today the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. The site was intended to serve the local Monqui and Cochimí natives. The aboriginal settlement was known in the Monqui language as Ligüí and in Cochimí as Malebat.

The site proved to be a poor one, with little agricultural potential. The mission was closed in 1721, when the remaining neophytes were moved to the new mission of Dolores in the territory of the Guaycura, to the south of San Juan Bautista. Surviving archaeological remnants of the abandoned mission include several sections of building foundations.


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