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Misigisaq Restaurant is a Thai restaurant, formerly a Chinese restaurant, located at the harbor in the town of Sisimiut in western Greenland. It is the only such restaurant in the country and it uses Greenlandic ingredients cooked in the Chinese style.[1] The restaurant was formally a Chinese restaurant for a few years before the joint-venture went bankrupt in October 2007. The local entrepreneurs then bought the restaurant and retain the restaurant's name.

The restaurant serves local lamb, caribou, musk ox, local sea foods, and several imported items. The restaurant makes some of its own ingredients including doufu, thick noodles, and spring roll skins but imports soy and other sauces, spices, and teas directly from China.[1] One of the specialities is named "Tired Fisherman's Soup".[1]

Popular dishes[edit]

The popular dishes were:

  • Soft Fried Prawns/Indbagte rejer (Greenland prawns gently fried)
  • It is Like Honey/Det ligner honning(Greenland mutton cooked in a sweet sauce, a traditional Beijing Moslem dish)
  • Caribou Cooked in the Palace/Rensdyr tilberedt på paladse (Sisimiut region caribou prepared in a slightly salty and spicy sauce)
  • Chili Chicken/Peber kylling (tender chicken covered with chilli)
  • Sweet and sour pork/Sursød svinekød
  • Hunter's Noodles/ Hunter's Noodles (noodles with mixed Greenlandic meats)
  • Mixed Fried Rice/ Blandet stegtet ris
  • Sichuan Sour and Hot Soup/Surstærk krydret suppe fra Sichuan (noodles with mixed Greenlandic meats)
  • Happy Celebration Fish/Glad festlig fisk (Wild salmon or arctic charr prepared like a pineapple in shape and sweetness)
  • Red Fish/Rødfisk (prepared with Chinese spices and vegetables)
  • Fragrant and Spicy Snow Crabs/Stærk krydrede (snowcrabs from Sisimiut’s trawlers cooked in a spicy sauce)

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