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ID Misool.PNG
Location of Misool
Maluku Islands en.png
Location South East Asia
Archipelago Raja Ampat Islands
Highest elevation 535 m (1,755 ft)
Aerial traps of the pitcher plant Nepenthes sp. Misool.

Misool, formerly spelled Mysol (Dutch: Misoöl), is one of the four major islands in the Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), Indonesia. Its area is 2,034 km². The highest point is 535 m and the main towns are Waigama, located on the island's northern coast, and Lilinta.

The inhabitants speak the Biga language and Matbat language, as well as Indonesian.[1][2]

Other main islands of this group off the western end of West Papua are Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo, and there are numerous smaller islands such as Kofiau.[3]



Part of the Dutch colonial empire, the Netherlands East Indies.

Occupied on 1942 by the Japanese. Imperial Japanese Navy base until 1945.[6]


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Coordinates: 1°53′41″S 130°5′1″E / 1.89472°S 130.08361°E / -1.89472; 130.08361