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For Alex White, professional Skateboarder, see Alex White (disambiguation).

Miss Alex White is the stage name for Alex White, a musician from Chicago, Illinois, and founder of Missile X Records. Her projects have included Miss Alex White and Chris Playboy (a collaboration with Chris Saathoff), the Hot Machines, Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra, and White Mystery, a collaboration with her younger brother Francis who uses the stage name "White Francis". She was also responsible for founding the Chris Saathoff foundation after his death in a car accident on February 13, 2004.


White Mystery

  • "Dubble Dragon" (White Mystery Band LP/CD 2014)
  • "Telepathic" (White Mystery Band LP/CD 2013)
  • "People Power" (Perpetrator LP/CD 2012)
  • "Blood & Venom" (White Mystery Band LP/CD 2011)
  • "White Mystery" (White Mystery Band LP/CD 2010)
  • "Take a Walk" (Whistler Records 7" 2009)
  • "Power Glove" (HoZac Hook Up Club 7" 2009)

Schiller Killers

  • "Wicker Park Strangler" (Rubber Vomit 7" 2010)

Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra:

Candy Apple Killings

  • "Leather for Liquor" (Solid Sex Lovie Doll 7" 2006)

Miss Alex White and Chris Playboy:

  • Miss Alex White and Chris Playboy Live (LP, In The Red Records, 2006)
  • Miss Alex White and Chris Playboy (7", Missile X Records 2003)

Hot Machines:

  • Hot Machines 2 (7", Dusty Medical Records, 2006)
  • Hole In My Heart (7", Cass Records, 2005)
  • Maybe Chicago Compilation (Criminal IQ Records 2003)
  • "Can't Feel" on skateboard video, "That's Life" (Foundation/Tum Yeto, 2003)

Missile X Records

  • "Young Monsters" Miss Alex White & Chris Playboy (7")
  • "Cold River" The Dirges (7")
  • "Spend the Night in a Haunted House" The Spits (7")

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