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Miss America is a long-standing beauty pageant, which awards scholarships to young women from the 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Miss America may also refer to:

Other beauty contests[edit]

  • Miss USA, a beauty contest that has been held annually since 1952 to select the United States entrant in the Miss Universe pageant
  • Miss Teen America, a beauty contest for teenage girls
  • Miss United States, a beauty contest that has been held annually since 1937
  • Mrs. America, a beauty contest for married American women; the winner goes on to compete in the Mrs. World pageant



  • Miss America (book), the second autobiography of American radio and media personality Howard Stern

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Miss America was the pseudonym of the winning female in the world's first 'city to city' bicycle race from Paris to Rouen.
  • Miss America (Diane Martin, Nagissa Maria), a member of the Battle Fever J Super Sentai Series
  • Miss America (DC Comics) (Joan Dale, later Joan Trevor), a Quality Comics and later DC Comics character
  • Miss America (Marvel Comics) (Madeline Joyce, later Madeline Frank), a Marvel Comics character
  • Miss America, a character in the 1975 Ralph Bakshi film Coonskin.


  • Miss America, US rock band that changed its name to Chocolate USA