Miss America 1953

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Miss America 1953
Date September 6, 1952
Venue Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Entrants 52
Placements 10
Winner Neva Jane Langley
Georgia (U.S. state) Miss Georgia

Miss America 1953, the 26th Miss America pageant, was held at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on September 6, 1952.[1]



Final results Contestant
Miss America 1953
1st Runner-up
2nd Runner-up
3rd Runner-up
4th Runner-up
Preliminary Talent winners Jeanne Shores (Miss California), Neva Jane Langley (Miss Georgia) & Jo Hoppe (Miss Illinois).
Preliminary Swimsuit winners Neva Jane Langley (Miss Georgia), Joan Elizabeth Kayne (Miss NYC), & Iris Anne Fitch (Miss Washington DC).
Miss Congeniality (tie) Iris Anne Fitch (Miss Washington DC) & Shirley Maurine Barbour (Miss Oklahoma)


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