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This article is about a beauty pageant that started in 2011. For a defunct beauty pageant that ceased 2007, see Miss Asia Pacific International.
Miss Asia Pacific World
Logo of Miss Asia Pacific World.png
Logo of Miss Asia Pacific World.
Formation 2011
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Official language Korean, English
President Lawrence Choi
Key people Chanel Lee
Website Official website

Miss Asia Pacific World is a yearly beauty pageant held by Supertalent of the World Incorporation, a Korea-based talent management group. MAPW has its social network developed by a third party vendor.[1] Its registered office in Seoul has been identified as a small room in a shared office space.[2]

There have been a number of controversies with the pageant, and the first three winners have been stripped of their titles. In 2011, its first winner, Jung Eun A was 'dethroned'[3] after allegations of "automatic top-ranking placements in exchange for sex" by organisers. British model Amy Willerton fled the competition after lack of food and alleged sexual harassment from organisers.[4] The 2014 Miss Asia Pacific World, May Myat Noe from Burma, was crowned on 31 May 2014 but was dethroned after three months.


The 2011 search was the first edition of the Miss Asia Pacific World pageant. It was held in Busan, South Korea, on 15 October 2011.[4] Jung Eun A of Korea was crowned by the end of the event. However, after only one day she resigned from her title. Florima Treiber of France took over but was 'dethroned'.[5][6][7] On 12 May 2012, Diana Starkova of Ukraine was officially crowned the new Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 queen, replacing dethroned winner Florima Treiber.[8]

The second edition of the Miss Asia Pacic World Super Talent pageant took place in 2012. It was held in Seoul, South Korea, on 16 June. Himangini Singh Yadu of India was crowned by Diana Starkova at the end of the event.[9][10] The third edition of pageant was held on 30 October, at Hallyuworld, Seoul, South Korea, where Srishti Rana of India was crowned as Miss Asia Pacific World 2013.[11]


At the 2011 pageant Amy Willerton, a contestant representing Wales, along with a number of other contestants, claimed the pageant had been fixed after the girl representing Venezuela was apparently placed runner-up of the talent round before she had competed. Led by Willerton, the contestants demanded answers from organisers and later made claims that some contestants had been offered automatic top-ranking placements in exchange for sex.[12] The events were filmed by Willerton and other contestants, which were later uploaded to YouTube under the title "Confessions of a Beauty Queen".[13] Subsequently, she and the representatives from Aletha Shepherd of Guyana, Costa Rica and Pamela Peralta fled their hotel to the airport, claiming the pageant organisers had tried to keep them there against their will and had followed them to the airport to stop them escaping. The Korean National Police Agency and organisers denied all accusations.[14][15] Willerton claimed that the organisers bribed the police officers, "When the police arrived they called in one of the chairmen of the pageant who actually got his wallet out straight away and we were all pushed back by the organisers so we couldn't speak...Our translator would not translate for us, so we were completely helpless." [4]

May Myat Noe, the winner of the 2014 pageant, was 'dethroned' three months after her win. Officials stated she refused to have breast enhancement surgery, was rude and not returning phone calls.[3] May Myat Noe was 15 years old during the time of competition, three years younger than minimum. The organisers, nonetheless, allowed her to enter the competition, and urged to undergo extensive plastic surgery, which she refused.[3] According to the organisers, she was expected to have the surgery because her breasts were considered too small and there was an expectation that the £6,000 sponsored surgery be performed for all winners, as it had been in the past.[16]

In her press conference, May Myat Noe later criticised the organisers by saying "I'm not even proud of this crown, I don't want a crown from an organisation with such a bad reputation. But I won't give it back to the Koreans unless they apologise. Not just to me but my country for giving it a bad image." She would hand over the crown to the Burmese authorities, but will not allow it to return to the organisers in South Korea until she receives a formal apology.[17][18] She further stated that she, a 16-year-old, was coerced to escort Korean tycoons, "I was told that, in order to generate funds to produce my music album, I need to accept invitations to escort some business tycoons whenever they require my company".[19][20] During a media interview with MBC TV on Sept 14 at Yangon, Myanmar, she said "I am still a minor. If I'm saying I've operated my breast, then the organization is backward. When my mother and I signed the consent operation agreement, I thought it was medical check. I didn't know the meaning of the signature.[21][22][23]


Year Country Miss Asia Pacific World National Title Location
2014 TBA TBA TBA Seoul, South Korea
2013  India Srishti Rana Miss Diva Asia Pacific World 2013 Seoul, South Korea
2012  India Himangini Singh Yadu I AM She - Miss Asia Pacific World India 2012 Seoul, South Korea
2011  Ukraine Diana Starkova Miss Asia Pacific World Ukraine 2011 Busan, South Korea

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