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Miss BG
Directed by Philippe Vidal
Voices of see below
Narrated by Hannah Endicott Douglas
Opening theme "Miss BG" Theme
Ending theme We got the move
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (list of episodes)
Producer(s) Kevin Gillis
lia Levy
Peter Williamson
Rollert Rea
Marie-Pierre Moulinjeune
Running time 27 minutes
Original channel TVO-KIDS
Qubo Channel
France 5
Original release September 6, 2005 – July 18, 2008

Miss BG (short for Big Girl[citation needed]), originally titled Bravo Gudule[1] in French, is a 3-D animated series based on the "Gudule" French children's book series published by Hachette-Jeunesse, authored by Fanny Joly and illustrated by Roser Capdevila. It is a joint Canadian/French production and is distributed by Breakthrough Animation.[2] One hundred episodes have been produced to date.


"BG" Baxter stands for "Bella Gloria"[citation needed] Baxter. The main character of the series, Miss BG, is an 8-year-old girl according to Telefilm Canada, although Breakthrough Animation gives her age as 8.[citation needed] Her 4-year-old brother, George, who has a very active personality, dotes on his pet hamster Albert and likes a TV show called "Fishy the Fish". Miss BG likes to hang out in a tree house with her two best friends, Gad and Alex. Gad's father, Mr. Mansour, owns the neighborhood market while Alex's older brother Robbie is a teenager who often lends a hand when the children need the aid of an older person, escorts them to and from school plus generally chaperones them when they are out and about.

Other characters in the series include Brittany-Ann, a wealthy rival of BG, Kayla, Brittany-Ann's best friend, Billy, a boastful, athletic 9-year-old boy who is also Brittany-Ann's friend and crush, Terry, a teenage girl who often babysits Miss BG and George, Alice, her aunt, and Ouma, Gad's grandmother who lives with his family.

The series currently[when?] airs on TVO-KIDS in Canada, Qubo in the United States, Cartoonito in the UK, ABC1 in Australia, Barnkanalen in Sweden and RTE Two's The Den in Ireland.


Baxter family[edit]

  • Miss BG Baxter: BG is short for Bella Gloria[citation needed] or Big Girl[citation needed]. She is 8[citation needed] years old. BG is curious about everything around her and plunges head-on into adventures and escapades. She's a natural leader amongst her friends, even though she can be slightly bossy at times. She's also a bit of a tomboy, and loves to hang out with her best friends Gad and Alex in their tree house. BG is protective of her little brother George, but can lose patience with him too; especially when he insists on playing with her and her "grownup" friends all the time.
  • George Baxter: George is BG's adorable little brother and is almost always seen with his beloved pet hamster, Albert, who travels around perched on George's head. George really looks up to his older sister and always wants to play with her and her friends, especially in the tree house. George tries to be like BG at times, copying her words and actions, and her approval is very important to him. Sensitive and sweet-natured, George is less self-confident than BG, but his insights into people and situations can sometimes be surprising. He is 3 years old in the show.[3]
  • Jeffrey Baxter: Good-natured and easygoing, Dad is the local vet. He's aware that BG has him wrapped around her finger. He usually says "yes" to anything while watching TV and on the rare occasion when he says "no," a few tears will work wonders. Still, Dad has his breaking point, and when he makes up his mind, no one can change it.
  • Charlotte: The mother of BG and George who works from the house as a freelance journalist and she is always busy trying to juggle her career while looking after her family and her younger[citation needed] sister. She's warm, sympathetic and more understanding of her daughter than BG realizes, but she is tough. She doesn't lose her temper very often, but when she does, even BG runs for cover.
  • Aunt Alice: Aunt Alice is Charlotte's (younger?) sister. She spends a lot of time at BG's house and loves to spend time with BG and George and do projects with them when their parents are out. In fact, she's BG's favorite babysitter.


  • Brittany-Ann McAdams: Brittany-Ann is BG's next-door neighbor - and her nemesis. Rich, spoiled, and pretty, Brittany-Ann thinks she's very special and loves to brag to BG and to her friends. She constantly competes for attention from the other kids. Underneath Brittany-Ann's spoiled persona, she hides a glimpse of insecurity. Her vain preoccupation with her looks is in marked contrast to BG's tomboyish approach to life.
  • Alex: Alex is one of BG's best friends. He has blond hair and wears a shirt with green and white stripes and wears glasses. He often hangs out with BG in the treehouse.
  • Gad Mansour: Along with Alex, Gad is one of BG's best friends, but he's a little shy and quieter than both BG and Alex. But BG knows she can always count on him to help find a solution to any problem. Gad is a science whiz, loves studying and inventing things. He lives with his grandmother and father, who owns a local grocery store.
  • Terri: Terri babysits for BG and George when their aunt is not available. She's studying at college but she loves to spend time with the kids. She especially likes dancing with BG, who has learned a lot of steps from her. Terri also likes baking cakes for BG and George and especially loves it when they show her their drawings.
  • Ouma Mansour: Ouma is Gad's grandmother, who lives with him and his Dad. She takes care of all the housework and cooking for them, and she tends a vegetable garden behind the family grocery store. BG likes to seek Ouma out when she needs help.
  • Billy: At 10-years-old, Billy is the oldest in his and BG's class, and so he thinks the rest are all babies. Billy is great at skating and he likes to show off his skills to BG and all her friends. He also has a crush on Brittany-Ann.
  • Kayla: Kayla is Brittany-Ann's best friend and she is always besides her. In fact, she basically does everything Brittany-Ann tells her to, much to BG's disdain. Kayla also has a hamster, just like BG's little brother George. Her name is Titus, and looks just like George's hamster, Albert, and sometimes they can't tell them apart.
  • Mr. Ahmed Mansour: Mr. Mansour is Gad's father and Ouma's son.
  • Robbie: Robbie is Alex's Older brother. He and Terri are often together.
  • Mrs. Martin: Mrs. Martin is BG, Gad, Alex, Brittany-Ann, Kayla & Billy's math, science, & homeroom teacher.
  • Mr. Tyrone Grant: Mr. Tyrone Grant is BG, Gad, Alex, Brittany-Ann, Kayla, and Billy's substitute, gym teacher & principal and he has a dog named Mitzi.
  • Mrs. McAdams: Brittany-Ann's mom.
  • Ian: Ian is friend of George.
  • Alex's Dad: Alex's Dad is father of Alex and Robbie.


Episode guide[edit]

The series has 102 segments spread among 52 episodes, with 2 apiece.

Ep # Episode Name Synopsis TVO debut date
1a Miss BG Gets a Pet When BG accidentally breaks George's sculpture, she blames it on George's hamster, Albert, but is dismayed when an angry George gives Albert "away" to BG.
1b Miss BG vs. the New Babysitter BG tests out Terri, the new babysitter, but soon discovers that Terri has some very cool talents!
2a Neighborhood Star BG discovers Brittany-Ann has won a contest to be on BG's favourite cereal box.
2b Miss BG and the Snake Dad brings home a snake from his vet clinic and warns BG not to touch it, but when Alex convinces her to take a peek, the snake escapes!
3a Aunt Alice’s Birthday It's Aunt Alice's birthday and BG's mom and dad are throwing her a party. Her parents are giving Alice a jewelled bracelet, which BG thinks is ugly. Her dad agrees to let BG wrap it up and so BG lets George hold on to it while she looks for wrapping paper. George plays with Albert using the bracelet and Albert gets stuck in it. Aunt Alice is about to come to the house!
3b Miss BG Gets a Valentine BG, Alex, Gad and George are playing soccer when they spot a Valentine's Day advertisement. BG hates Valentine's Day but when Brittany-Anne boats about her many cards, candy, and flowers, BG says that she gets many of them too. BG now needs to get a valentine so she thinks that wearing a skirt is the way
4a Sleepover Aunt Alice is spending the night and BG is excited about having a sleepover party with her - until BG learns she will be sharing a room with George instead.
4b Hocus BG When BG can't resist the urge to practise with some of Aunt Alice's magic equipment she becomes increasingly worried that she may have made George and Albert disappear for real!
5a Party Contest It's Halloween and BG's having a party! But when she doesn't invite Brittany-Ann, her nemesis decides to throw a party of her own.
5b Alien Nightmares BG disobeys her parents' orders and watches a scary movie on TV.
6a Three New Little Brothers BG and George revert to babyish behaviour
6b A Bet’s a Bet A desperate BG bets the toy robot Aunt Alice gave her and George - and loses!
7a What a Team BG's excited about the Neighbourhood Olympics, until she learns she has to be George's partner.
7b Amnesia After watching a medical show on TV, BG gets the idea to fake amnesia to get out of trouble.
8a The Perch When BG believes she is wrongfully accused of something George did, she decides to perch out in her tree house until she's proven innocent - until she discovers she really was guilty.
8b Operation Albert When Albert escapes under BG's supervision, she is desperate to find him before George discovers he's missing.
9a Fortune Cookies At a fundraising fair at school, a jealous BG makes fun of Brittany-Ann's cookies, which are the hit of the fair.
9b Monkey Thief When BG loses Alex's new video game, she pretends that it's been stolen by an escaped monkey.
10a BG Feels Guilty George and BG accidentally break a vase that Aunt Alice has given Mom, and they concoct a plan to fix it.
10b Potted Plant As a school assignment, the kids are given potted plants to care for. But BG neglects her plant in favour of skateboarding lessons.
11a Magic Box BG mistakenly opens Brittany-Ann's gift when it is accidentally delivered to her house in the mail, and she tries to wrap it back up before anyone finds out.
11b Soap Box BG and her friends decide to sell Dad's old soapbox racer in the neighbourhood garage sale.
12a The Assignment When BG and George believe that their favourite baby-sitter is moving to Australia, they attempt to make her change her mind by giving her the best baby-sitting experience in the world.
12b The Painting Dad is painting a portrait of Mom to auction off for an animal charity.
13a My Dad 00BG BG is on a mission! She's infiltrating her house to expose possible spies that may be lurking.
13b My Cousin is a Star BG wants to see her favorite pop star, Malinda! Unfortunately, BG's dad wasn't able to get tickets.
14 Don’t Believe a Word Albert Says
14b Dirty Papers When Brittany-Ann baby-sits Kayla's hamster, Titus, she plays a trick on the other kids which convinces them that Titus can do math./When BG tricks George into cleaning up the mess she's left in the living room, he may have accidentally thrown out one of Dad's important tax papers. 8 April 2006
15 Secrets
15b George’s Party BG and Alex have fun as reporters gathering "scoops" for the magazine they've started./BG is horrified when George invites Billy to his birthday party. 9 April 2006
16 BG Goes To The Movies
16b The Report Card BG lets the other kids believe that she has seen a scary grownup film at the local cinema, but then Brittany-Ann insists that BG prove it by telling everyone the plot. BG thinks her top mark for essay writing is a mistake and tries to prevent her parents from throwing a celebration party.
17 Princess BG
17b Lucky Wheels Without reading the script, BG persuades Gad to cast her as the Princess in a film he has written.But the starring role actually belongs to the Witch - played by Brittany-Ann. BG finds a set of new skateboard wheels in the trash and becomes convinced that they will bring her luck at an upcoming skateboard competition. Then she gets lazy and stops practising.
18 Photo Album
18b TV Curfew BG scrambles to organize a photo shoot with Gad and Alex to replace an embarrassing baby picture of her that Mom is planning to print in a national magazine. When BG's TV privileges are withdrawn for a week, she struggles to find other ways to amuse herself.
19 Adopted Sister
19b Game Plan Brittany-Ann starts competing with BG for George's affection, causing BG to realize how much she loves her little brother./BG gets a new board game and is eager to find opponents to play.
20 Patience
20b George’s Security Blanket BG persuades George to let her borrow a pair of roller blades that he has won by convincing him that she can help make his feet grow faster. When George won't give BG a movie ticket she wants, BG retaliates by hiding his security blanket in her toy hot air balloon ...
21 Brittany-Ann’s Diary
21b Miss Mom BG finds Brittany-Ann's lost diary and believing that she is now privy to new insights, BG starts to be nice to her old rival. But all is not what it seems./ BG doesn't want to be treated like a kid. So when Mom gets sick, BG seizes the opportunity to take over Mom's chores to prove she can handle more responsibility.
22 School Project
22b Last Card BG constructs an excellent paper bird for a school project. But when she tries to share her expertise with her best friends, it leads to misunderstandings and hard feelings. BG is obsessed with a series of collectible trading cards.
23 Perfect Girl
23b Like Peas In a Pod BG mounts a campaign to be the most perfect daughter in the world in order to get tickets to a pop concert from her parents. To avoid being laughed at, BG invents an identical looking cousin to take the fall.
24 Promises, Promises
24b Detective BG BG makes too many promises and almost lets everyone down. A friend's pastries go missing and BG turns detective to find them.
25 High Security Treehouse
25b Dad’s Big Blunder After BG discovers their clubhouse has had an intruder, she goes overboard as she upgrades its security system.m When Dad accidentally ruins BG's old rag doll, he assumes that BG is devastated and starts giving her special treats to make it up.
26 Pick Me!
26b Hard Lesson BG and Alex both want Gad to go with them to two different events happening on the same weekend. But Gad can't seem to make a decision and gets caught in the middle of a tug-of-war. BG and Alex both want Gad to go with them to two different events happening on the same weekend. But Gad can't seem to make a decision and gets caught in the middle of a tug-of-war.
27 Show n' Tell
27b Shooting Star After BG embarrasses herself by accidentally bringing her teddy bear to school, she rashly decides to throw it away - and quickly lives to regret it./BG's defense of Kayla in front of Brittany-Ann makes Kayla BG's new best friend. But the new friendship threatens Alex and Bg's secret plan to assemble a telescope for Gad.
28 Pocket Garden
28b Hand and Foot BG and her friends learn that there's strength in numbers when they all compete to see who can make the best pocket garden./BG sprains her hand and foot in a soccer game and a guilty Gad and Alex wait on her hand and foot - long after BG has secretly recovered.
29 Pool Party
29b BG's Paranoia BG persuades her parents to buy an inflatable swimming pool for their backyard, but her impatience causes a big splash./BG thinks her friends are planning to exclude her from a party and decides a cutout figure is her new best friend.
30 Height and Feight
30b A Charming Hostess BG suddenly discovers she has vertigo./ BG is horrified when Brittany-Ann must spend the night at her house.
31 Mom's Vacation
31b BG's Audition BG wants her mom to bake a clafoutis so that she - BG - can win a cake contest./BG drops Gad and Alex because she is determined to win a dance contest.
32 Not a Word
32b Bump in the Night BG takes a vow of silence for three days when Brittany-Ann accuses her of talking too much and wanting to be the centre of attention. She makes an interesting discovery when she forfeits her speaking role in the school play and plays a tree./BG plays a trick to scare Gad and Alex with a mechanical monster. But she ends up scaring Ouma too .
33 The Pants
33b BG's Mysterious Past Aunt Alice finds an old pair of her beloved childhood pants and gives them to Bg. Bg takes them, even though they are not her style. But when other kids make fun of the garish pants, Bg gives them away to a charity sale. But Bg must quickly get

them back, when Aunt Alice turns up unexpectedly at the neighbourhood picnic. With a little help from Aunt Alice BG learns that style is individual./BG thinks her real parents are royalty! She lets her new 'princess' status go to her head, but ends up missing her real friends and family, even before she realizes she's not a princess.

34 Class Representative
34b Share and Share Alike BG uses her role as class helper to snoop, and ends up accidentally ruining Brittany-Ann's science project a Volcano. BG, Gad and Alex are supposed to share a special prize they won together.
35 Snow Day
35b Snow Sculpture BG promises George she'll help him make a snowman. But Brittany-Ann makes a bigger, more impressive snowman./When BG is teamed up with Billy for a school project to design an original snow sculpture, she is convinced he will bully her into doing it the way HE wants.
36 Holiday Tree House
36b Best Christmas Ever At Christmas time, Brittany-Ann's Mom convinces the City to cut down the tree house and put up a tennis court. Horrified Bg and her friends try to sell Brittany-Ann on the idea of keeping the tree house by inviting her up to play with them, so that she will convince her Mom to save it. But the plan backfires, until Bg learns that the unexpected support of a community on Christmas Eve can save the tree./Bg fights to keep Alex in town for an important hockey game on Christmas Eve when he finds out he must leave for his Dad's house early and miss the game. Bg learns that being a divorced kid can be difficult over the holidays.
37 My Fair BG
37b Dad's Birthday When BG and the boys agree to be models in Brittany-Ann's fashion show, BG is horrified to find she actually likes it. BG tries to make a special surprise dish for Dad's birthday, but gets so busy with it, Dad begins to think she doesn't want to spend time with him.
38 IQ
38b George's Allergy When BG takes an IQ test, the results reveal she's a genius, and the idea of being a "big brain" goes to her head./George suddenly starts sneezing every time is he around BG, who fears that he has grown allergic to her and is on a mission to find out why.
39 Picture Perfect
39b George's Painting BG wants to take the "perfect" family photo, so she agrees to follow Brittany-Ann's advice./BG mistakenly hands in one of George's paintings as her own work for a class project. Then the teacher wants to exhibit it in public.
40 Gift Swap
40b Favourite Aunt When Brittany-Ann comes down with a stomachache, after BG unwittingly gives hamster food, BG thinks she's poisoned her and does everything she can to make amends./Aunt Alice gets a job at Mr. Mansours' store, and BG thinks she'll have lots of time to play with her.
41 A Pet Is Not a Toy
41b Night with Ouma BG warns George not to treat Albert the way Brittany-Ann is treating her new poodle - like a toy./But then George stops playing with Albert altogether. When Ouma volunteers to babysit BG and George, Gad worries that Ouma will show BG his embarrassing baby pictures.
42 Teacher's Pet
42b Boys and Girls BG feels "weird" when her parents strike up a friendship with Mr. Grant, her gym teacher and principal. But, the situation only gets worse when he substitutes for her usual teacher./Billy's boys only sleepover in the clubhouse, inspires BG's girls only sleepover in a tent.
43 Mother's Day
43b Crystal Ball BG's class plans to throw a Mother's Day Party to read their poems, but BG is worried that Gad is upset because he doesn't know his mother./Desperate to figure out what Alex and Gad are up to when they start doing things without her, BG tries to get them to 'fess up by using a "crystal ball" to convince them she's got psychic powers.
44 Doctor BG
44b Fishing Trip While her veterinarian dad is away, BG and her friends find an injured bird./BG is thrilled to be included on one of her Dad's fishing trips. But her delight is spoiled by the last-minute addition of George to the party.
45 The Creature
45b All About BG BG convinces Dad to let her and her friends go camping with him in the hopes they can secretly capture a photo of a mysterious forest creature, or so they think./To her great thrill, BG and her family are the subjects of a documentary Terri is doing for school. But things go wrong when BG starts letting 'fame' go to her head.
46 Jumping to Conclusions
46b Forest Badge BG doesn't study, and isn't prepared to win a camping badge she desperately wants. When she and Brittany-Ann cheat, BG realizes that it's better to pay attention and work for what you want./When BG mistakenly thinks Gad is moving, she and Alex are forced to go to great lengths to stop it from happening. Embarrassing herself at a supposed farewell dinner, BG finds out she is mistaken, learning the folly of jumping to conclusions.
47 Piano Lessons
47b Oh Brother When Brittany-Ann’s Mom overhears Bg’s Dad playing Chopin on the piano, she mistakenly thinks it is Bg playing. Bg is too embarrassed to tell her the truth, that she is just learning to play, and gets caught up in a game of deception when she agrees

to play a difficult duet with BA. Bg learns that there is no shame in being a beginner at a new skill – all it takes is hard work and commitment./BG fears George is Mom's favourite kid, so she starts competing with him for Dad's affection before learning her parents love both their children equally.

48 Alex's Glasses
48b Mommy's Girl When BG accidentally breaks Alex's glasses just before a school outing to a dinosaur park, she tries to make amends by giving him a fake pair to wear so that Mr. Grant won't keep Alex home. But Alex is so near-sighted that he gets into big trouble on the trip, and BG learns that it is better to admit a mistake right away, rather than try to hide it./When BG's Mom and Brittany-Ann's Mom accompany the kids on a school trip to a wilderness reserve, BG and Brittany-Ann compete to see who's got the coolest mom. But BG's attempts to show off how cool her Mom is keep getting wrecked by George. BG tries to keep George away from Mom but ends up thinking she lost him in the forest and when BG and Brittany-Ann go looking for him they end up lost! BG learns that being cool isn't always the most important thing.
49 Super Secretary
49b Ants and Trouble Mom is sick in bed with the flu, but she has an important deadline at work. BG quickly volunteers to help, but when Aunt Alice arrives, BG has some unwanted competition as Mom's "super secretary"./
50 Broken Telephone
50b Luckie Scrunchie When BG learns that her Mom's taking a short business trip to Africa, she uses the exciting news as an excuse for not doing her homework. The ruse backfires when her slightly exaggerated version of the trip passes from person to person and gets blown way out of proportion! BG needs to fix the 'broken telephone' and set things right./When Terri chooses BG, Brittany-Ann and Kayla for a television interview about "Girls Of Today", the latter two think BG looks too childish for such a mature interview. BG gets rid of her hair scrunchies in favor of a Brittany-Ann approved outfit. With a little help from Terri, who loves wearing scrunchies BG learns she's the most mature just being herself.
51 Trendiest Trend
51b A Friend for George Yobi-Bobo cards become the latest trend at school and BG trades her (and George's)marbles to get her hands on some. But when a new trend becomes more popular, BG is not sure what to do. Gad and Alex help her realize it's more important to do what you like, not follow the latest trend./Mom suggests that BG let George play with her and her friends while they build their Karpla design for a competition, BG quickly convinces Mom that it would be better for George to invite a friend over. BG thinks the two friends will keep each other entertained, and away from her plans with Gad and Alex. Bg quickly learns that babysitting TWO kids is a lot more work than she thought, especially with a fragile Karpla design to protect!
52 Community Spirit BG and her friends put their community spirit to the test when they compete for a chance to paint a mural on the community centre wall, that they all must agree on.
52b Neighbourhood Fair BG learns that helping out can be as important as winning when she agrees to help Dad with the neighbourhood street fair, and gets so busy helping everyone with their displays, she doesn't have time for her own.
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ASK BG shorts[edit]

Ep # Episode Name Synopsis
1 Doggy Duty BG and George do a trial run of caring for Doodlebug, BA's Dog. BG and George show us what dogs need most –love.
2 The Perfect Present
3 Better Than You
4 Handle With Care
5 Energy Saver
6 Team Spirt
7 Bedtime
8 Showtime
9 Skater Kidz
10 Super Smoothie
11 Spic and Span
12 Waste Not
13 Dress It Up
14 Star Student
15 Friends Forever
16 Ex-Ex Exercrise
17 Camp Day
18 Step by Step
19 Flu Fighter
20 Party Manners
21 Doggy Duty
22 Hamster in my Hair
23 Sleepover Party
24 Christmas Tree


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