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Miss Barbados World
Formation 1974
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Bridgetown
Miss World
Official language

The Miss Barbados World beauty pageant selects representatives for the Miss World pageant from Barbados.


The current Miss Barbados World Pageant franchise holder is Stephanie Chase. Before that the Franchise holder was Cortez Blacket, Stephanie Chase herself is a former Miss Barbados 2001 who won the talent portion at the Miss World contest in South Africa that year and later a five year record contract. As of 2011, Stephanie Chase handed over the Miss Barbados World franchise to Leah Marville.

Notable finishes[edit]

The only Miss Barbados to date that has become a 'top ten finalist' was "Linda Yvonne Fields" when she placed number eight over-all in "1974" Miss World Contest held at 'Royal Albert hall, London, England.

In 2004 Kennifer Marius was placed 3rd in the Talent Competition behind Antigua and Barbuda, and China.

Stephanie Chase, Miss Barbados World 2001, won the first inaugural Miss World Talent Award. This led to Ms. Chase receiving a five-year contract from AMI/ Sony CEO Eliot Cohen. She recorded in the United Kingdom. A UK tour also in the United Kingdom circa: 2003.

In 1974, Linda Yvonne Field represented Barbados in the Miss World Contest at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. Linda Fields was a semi-finalist/finalist in that year's pageant making it to the top 10 and placed number eight in the Miss World 1974 contestant. Subsequently Miss Linda fields has thus far been the only Miss Barbados to place in the top 10 or top 20. The only Miss Barbados after this that was predicted/projected to place was the Miss Barbados 2009 'Leah Marville'.


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Traditionally, the winner of Miss Barbados World represents her country at Miss World. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

Year Miss Barbados World Placement Special awards
United Kingdom 1974 Linda Yvonne Field Top 10
United Kingdom 1975 Peta Hazel Greaves Unplaced
United Kingdom 1983 Nina McIntosh-Clarke Unplaced
United Kingdom 1984 Gale Angela Thomas Unplaced
United Kingdom 1985 Elizabeth (Liz) Dana Wadman Unplaced
United Kingdom 1986 Roslyn Irene Williams Unplaced
United Kingdom 1987 Dawn Michelle Waithe Unplaced
United Kingdom 1988 Ferida Kola Unplaced
United Kingdom 1990 Cheryl Jean Brewster Unplaced
South Africa 1995 Rashi Holder Unplaced
United Kingdom 2000 Leilani McConney Unplaced
South Africa 2001 Stephanie Francelia Chase Unplaced Best Talent
United Kingdom 2002 Natalie Webb Howell Unplaced
China 2003 Racquel Olivia Wilkinson Unplaced
China 2004 Kennifer Marius Unplaced
China 2005 Marielle Chetham Onyeche Unplaced
Poland 2006 LaToya Tamara McDowald Unplaced
South Africa 2008 Natalie Olivia Griffith Top 16 Best Talent
South Africa 2009 Leah Marville Unplaced Queen of Caribbean
People's Choice award
China 2010 Danielle Bishop[1] Unplaced
United Kingdom 2011 Taisha Carrington Unplaced
China 2012 Marielle Wilkie Unplaced
Indonesia 2013 Regina Ramjit Unplaced
United Kingdom 2014 Zoé Trotman Unplaced Top 10 at The People's Choice

Miss Barbados Stats:

Never since Miss Barbados 1974 the beautiful and bubbly Linda Fields has any Miss Barbados ever since placed in the "top 20" or even" top 10" as did Linda Fields.. Linda Fields was number eight in the Miss World Pageant in 1974. There were predictions and a storm over equally" Gorgeous Barbados beauty Leah Marville that she would be in the TOP 10 and do as good if not better than that of the only Miss Barbados to ever make it in the top 10 after Linda Fields put Barbados on the map. Leah Marville had this same pizazz as the 1974 winner .These two hopefuls had the world abuzz with their electrifying presence . Leah Marville fell short but has had successful modeling jobs.o

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