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Miss Belarus
Formation 1998
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Minsk
Miss World
Miss International
Miss Supranational
Official language

The Miss Belarus is a bi-annual national beauty contest that has been held in Belarus since 1998. Winner represents Belarus in Miss World. The main award includes the Miss Belarus crown made out of 100 grams of white gold of 585 (about 14K) with half a thousand precious and semiprecious stones. The 2010 winner also received 50 million BYR (~$16 700 USD).


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Traditionally, the winner of Miss Belarus represents her country at Miss World. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

Year Miss Belarus Region
1998 Svetlana Kruk Grodno
2000 Anna Stičjnskaja Mogilev
2002 Olga Neudach Brest
2004 Olga Antropova Vitebsk
2006 Ekaterina Litvinova Mogilev
2008 Olga Khizhynkova Vitebsk
2010 Ljudmila Jakimovič Grodno
2012 Julia Skalkovich Brest
2014 Viktoria Mihanovich Minsk

Miss World Belarus[edit]

Belarus debut in 2000. The official winner of Miss Belarus will compete at Miss World. Belarus did not compete in 2001-2002, and 2005.

Year Miss Belarus Placement Special awards
United Kingdom 2000 Svetlana Kruk Unplaced
China 2003 Olga Neudach Unplaced
China 2004 Olga Antropova Unplaced
Poland 2006 Ekaterina Litvinova Unplaced
China 2007 Alena Aladka Unplaced
South Africa 2008 Volha Khizhynkova Unplaced Top Model (Top 32)
South Africa 2009 Yuliya Sindzeyeva Unplaced
China 2010 Ljudmila Jakimovič Unplaced Best Talent (Top 10)
United Kingdom 2011 Anastasiya Kharlanava Unplaced Beach Beauty (Top 36)
China 2012 Julia Skalkovich Unplaced
Indonesia 2013 Mariya Velichko Unplaced
United Kingdom 2014 Viktoria Mihanovich Unplaced

Miss International Belarus[edit]

Belarus debut in 2007. Belarus did not compete in 2013 only. Traditionally, the 1st Runner-up or 2nd Runner-up of Miss Belarus will compete at Miss International.

Year Miss Belarus Placement Special awards
Japan 2007 Yuliya Sindzeyeva 2nd Runner-up
Macau 2008 Tatyana Rineyskaya Unplaced
China 2009 Yana Supranovich Top 15
China 2010 Darya Saladukha Unplaced
China 2011 Ulyana Volokhovskaya Unplaced
Japan 2012 Anastasiya Pogranichnaya Unplaced
Japan 2014 Natallia Bryshten[1] TBD TBD

Miss Supranational Belarus[edit]

Belarus debut in 2009. Belarus won the title of Miss Supranational ever in history in the 5th edition, the pageant was held in Poland. Ekaterina Buraya Miss Supranational Belarus 2012 won the title.

Year Miss Belarus Placement Special awards
Poland 2009 Marina Lepesha 1st Runner-up Best Body (1st Runner-up)
Poland 2010 Alena Tsiarenia Unplaced
Poland 2011 Ljudmila Jakimovič 1st Runner-up
Poland 2012 Ekaterina Buraya Miss Supranational 2012
Belarus 2013 Veronika Chachina Top 20 Queen of Europe
Poland 2014 Kristina Martsinkevich Top 20


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