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Miss Belize
Formation 1975
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Belize City
Miss Universe
Miss World
Miss Earth
Miss International
Official language
Current National Director
Michael Arnold (Miss Belize World)
Opal Enriquez (Queen of Jewel)
Website Official website

Miss Belize is the title given to the winner(s) of beauty pageants held yearly in Belize to select a national beauty ambassador to represent Belize at major international pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International and also to other minor international and regional pageants.


In the early years, there was one pageant held yearly to select a Belizean representative for the Miss Universe pageant, with either that same winner or a runner-up representing Belize at Miss World. Recently there have been the emergence of different pageants to select representatives for the different international pageants as opposed to just one pageant with several winners.

Some of the major pageant companies and organizations include Pageants Belize Ltd. (Michael Arnold); Queen of the Bay Committee (Emma Boiton); Queen of the Jewel Ltd. (Opal Enriquez); Belize International Pageants Ltd. (Darlene Clarke Campbell); Leilah Pandy Enterprises Pageantry & Modeling (LPELL) (Leilah Pandy, former Miss Belize); & Teens Belize Organization (Kenny & Tracey Jacobs).

Even though Belize's performance at international pageants has been less than stellar, Belize's presence at regional pageants such as Miss Costa Maya International, has been respectable, garnering two winners, one under the directorship of Carolyn Trench Sandiford and Margaret Johnson and a few finalists. Beauty ambassadors who have achieved some success for Belize include Sarita Diana Acosta, Chantae Chanice Guy(was recruited by Margaret Johnson in 2010 to be trained along with 12 others ladies to participate in the 1st.ever Top Model Competition of which Ms. Guy was the winner. Subsequently, she was given additional personal training by Margaret Johnson into the finer arts of Modeling, photography and how to do professional photo shoots. Its as a result of such detailed training that in 2012 she was taken and sent to Miss World 2012 and won a place in Miss World 2012 top 10 Models. Photographers used to showcase her came from Director Ms Margaret Johnson Personal Photo Shoot as artistic director and Michael Arnold was her lead photographer.

Leilah Anne Magdalena Pandy was professional trained by the same Margaret Johnson first in Houston Texas when she represented Belize at Miss Universe and again in Belize under her Directorship when Leilah Pandy was sent to participate in Miss Earth and won her various accolades. Miss Margaret Johnson is the only National Director of Miss Belize who sent three delegates into International Beauty Pageant Competitions all at the same time: Felicita Arzu was sent to Miss World, Leilah Pandy was at Miss Earth and Belize also participated in little Miss Universe for the 1st time and won Best Talent Award and rave review for her National Costume which was designed and created by Margaret Johnson and National Director with limited funding.

Maria Jeffery won Miss Belize Universe in 2006 under what can be noted as one of the best organized Miss Belize ever as can be verified by videos and saw various International Media Houses present for the 1st. time in Belize including French Media. In 2006 Miss Belize got its 1st. ever Logo and a Professional we might add and a year when pageantry of Miss Belize received major revamping of the entire system under the leadership of Johnson. Maria Jeffery won Miss Belize Universe under her comprehensive training and went on the represent Belize at Miss Universe in 2007. 2007 is the first time Miss Belize was selected during rehearsal to participate in Miss Universe top 12 finalist and those who were in the live audience were privy to a video presentation made by Miss Universe Organization of Miss Belize and the country of Belize showcasing the natural beauty for Belize and it's people.

Opal Enriquez won a pageant in Los Angeles but was never an official Miss Belize winner of any pageant held in Belize but nonetheless did well in her pageant under her US Director Eva Gallego and went on to become Miss Costa Maya 1st. Runner Up when Andrea Elrington withdrew. Ms. Enriquez has gone on to produce her own winner at Costa Maya in 2013 and giving Belize its 3rd. Miss Costa Maya pageant International winner.

In 2008, a controversies arose when dethroned Miss Belize Universe 2008, Tanisha Vernon held a press conference in March in which she enlisted various queens competed and had already attended their International Pageants under Pageants Belize banner, her predecessor Maria Jeffrey, Miss Belize World 2007-08 Felicita Arzu, Mini Belize Venisha Price, Mini Universe Princess laid unfounded accusations at Pageants Belize director Margaret Johnson for allegedly not keeping her promises and handing over prizes knowing that Miss Vernon could not receive her prizes without signing her National Contract after she won and for accepting events to participate in without first consulting her Pageant Organization, raising and collecting funds on her own without the knowledge of Pageants Belize Ltd and Miss Johnson. In 2006 all the sponsors who promised prizes to Miss Belize Universe 2006 Maria Jeffery delivered on those promises and the delegates and the respective companies were sent letters to be able to deliver all prizes accept for one to Miss Jeffery and Arzu directly not to pageants Belize or Margaret Johnson. Both these young ladies visited the various sponsors to receive their prizes. A website is being created to share with the pageant world more on the details of these and the accurate history of pageants in Belize, unpublished photos and videos.

It would be premised of us not note that Director Margaret Johnson is the only director/pageant trainer/consultant of Belize to have produced Belize best trained and quality delegates for Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth that had the world looking seriously on who would represent Belize and as such Miss Belize Universe 2005, Andrea Elrington once trained my Margaret Johnson received the highest International pre-pageantry recognition and was on almost every pageant fan top 12 list all over the world to win Miss Universe 2007 and even earned the coveted 7th position on one of the world leading Online Pageantry Magazine called Missossology and the 1st. Miss Belize ever to receive various request via her trainer Margaret Johnson from the various leading pageantry website including Globalbeauties for interviews while Leilah Pandy became the 1st Miss Belize to get an online Interview due to the request of her then trainer Margaret Johnson before her Miss Universe pageant. Leilah Pandy represented Belize well.

Unfortunately, elected Miss Belize Universe- Tanisha Vernon refused to signed the prerequisite contract with her Miss Belize organization making it impossible to receive her sponsored prizes and lost out on the opportunity to participate in Miss Universe. (Please note that signing a contract with Belize is necessary to participate in Miss Belize as a delegate and then the winner is also required to sign another contract with the Belize organization usually within 30 days of winning her pageant and before she is allowed to sign any Miss Universe, World, Earth or any International pageant contract to officially able to represent Belize.

Miss Belize World 2012 is Chantae Guy; Miss Belize Earth is Jessel Lauriano (2012) ; Miss Belize International is Destinee Dominique Arnold - Queen of the Jewel (2012) but not Officially Selected Miss Belize in the country of Belize.


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Below is the list of delegates from Belize in the Big Four international pageants.

Belize has only one placement in 1979.[1]

Year Miss Belize Placement Special Awards
El Salvador 1975 Pelisamay Longsworth Unplaced
Hong Kong 1976 Janet Joan Joseph Unplaced
Dominican Republic 1977 Dora Maria Phillips Unplaced
Mexico 1978 Christina Margarita Ysaguirre Unplaced
Australia 1979 Sarita Diana Acosta Top 12
South Korea 1980 Ellen Marie Clarke Unplaced
United States 1981 Ivette Zabaneh Unplaced
Peru 1982 Sharon Kay Auxillou Unplaced
United States 1983 Shirlene Dianne McKoy Unplaced
United States 1984 Lisa Patricia Ramírez Unplaced
United States 1985 Jennifer (Jenny) Woods Unplaced
Panama 1986 Romy Ellen Taegar Unplaced
Singapore 1987 Holly Emma Edgell Unplaced
Mexico 1989 Andrea Shermane McKoy Unplaced
United States 1990 Ysela Antonia Zabaneh Unplaced
United States 1991 Josephine Gault Unplaced
Mexico 1993 Melanie Smith Unplaced
Namibia 1995 Deborah Wade Unplaced
United States 1996 Ava Lovell Unplaced
United States 1997 Sharon Domínguez Unplaced
United States 1998 Elvia Lilia Vega Unplaced
Trinidad and Tobago 1999 Viola Jeffery Unplaced
Cyprus 2000 Shiemicka Richardson Unplaced
Panama 2003 Becky Belinda Bernard Unplaced
Ecuador 2004 Leilah Anne Magdalena Pandy Unplaced
Thailand 2005 Andrea Elrington Unplaced
Mexico 2007 Maria Jeffery Unplaced

Miss World Belize[edit]

In 1987-2007 traditionally, the 1st Runner-up or sometimes Winner of Miss Belize represents her country at Miss World. On occasion, when the candidate does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, another girl is sent. After Belize did not compete at Miss Universe, in 2008 the committee of Miss Belize for first time will be crowning the official winner of Miss World Belize to compete at Miss World pageant.

Year Miss Belize Placement Special Awards
United Kingdom 1987 Janine Sylvestre Unplaced
United Kingdom 1988 Pauline Young Unplaced
Hong Kong 1989 Martha Badillo Unplaced
United Kingdom 1990 Ysela Antonia Zabaneh Unplaced
United States 1991 Josephine (Josie) Gault Unplaced
United Kingdom 2002 Karen Anita Russell Unplaced
China 2003 Dalila Violeta Vanzie Montano Unplaced
China 2007 Felicita (Leesha) Arzu Unplaced
South Africa 2008 Charmaine Chinapen Unplaced
South Africa 2009 Norma Leticia (Lety) Lara Unplaced
China 2010 Jessel Monique Lauriano Unplaced
United Kingdom 2011 Kadejah Kenifah Tunn Unplaced
China 2012 Chantae Chanice Guy Unplaced
Indonesia 2013 Idolly Louise Saldivar Unplaced
United Kingdom 2014 Raquel Alejandra Badillo Unplaced


  • Chantae Chanice Guy is the first Miss Belize World to make the Top 10 for any Fast Track/Challenge Event at Miss World.[2]

Miss Earth Belize[edit]

Year Miss Belize Placement Special Awards
Philippines 2007 Leilah Anne Magdalena Pandy Unplaced Environmental Award (Top 5)
Philippines 2008 Larriean Samuels Withdrew
Philippines 2009 Sherrylee Rodriguez Withdrew
Vietnam 2010 Natasha Nicole Acosta Withdrew
Philippines 2011 Kimberly Ann Robateau Unplaced
Philippines 2012 Jessel Monique Lauriano Unplaced Best Green Bag Challenge
Best Communicator
Philippines 2013 Amber Renee Rivero Unplaced

Miss Belize International[edit]

Belize was trying to debut since 2010 but unfortunately failed due to some reasons. In 2011 Queen of Jewel winner competed for first time at the Miss International pageant.[3]

Year Miss Belize Placement Special Awards
China 2011 Annlyn Nicole Apolonio Unplaced
Japan 2012 Destinee Dominique Arnold Unplaced

Miss Belize Supranational[edit]

Year Miss Belize Placement Special Awards
Poland 2012 Thessalonia Logan Unplaced

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