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Miss Bonaire
Formation 1967
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Kralendijk
Miss World
Miss Earth
Miss Supranational
Website Official website

Miss Bonaire is the biggest national beauty pageant for women in Bonaire. The pageant established in 1967 and official national pageant to select representative at International pageants.


Traditionally, Miss Bonaire send the winner at Miss Universe in 1967-1999. In 1973-1983 Miss Bonaire winner competed at Miss Intercontinental pageant. Since 2000s Bonaire did not compete at International pageants. Since 2010, Bonaire declared to return at International pageants. Nowadays, the winner will compete at Miss World.

Pageant Purpose 2009[edit]

The Miss Bonaire Organization provides training and access to young woman, to function as an ambassadress of Bonaire at huge grandslam pageants, with the goal to promote Bonaire's tourism industrie and give Bonaire exposure.[1]


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Bonaire debut at Miss Universe pageant in 1967. The official winner of Miss Bonaire represents her country at Miss Universe pageant. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. In 1999 is the last representative of Bonaire at the pageant. Due to unknown reasons, Bonaire is absent at the Miss Universe pageant until now.

Year Miss Bonaire Miss Universe Miss World Notes
1967 Cristina Landwier United States - Unplaced Did not compete
1968 Ilse Maria de Jong United States - Unplaced Did not compete
1969 Julia Edviga Nicolaas United States - Unplaced Did not compete
1973 Els Marie Beukenboom Did not compete Competed in Miss Intercontinental 1973 (Top 7)
1974 Jasmin Romondt Did not compete Did not compete
1975 Judith Antonia Evertsz El Salvador - Unplaced Did not compete
1978 Rosseley Hernandez Mexico - Unplaced Did not compete
1983 Susan Angela Did not compete Did not compete
1995 Donna Landwier Namibia - Unplaced Did not compete
1996 Jessy Viceisza United States - Unplaced Did not compete
1997 Jhane-Louise Landwier United States - Unplaced India - Unplaced (1996)
1998 Uzmin Mariluz Everts United States - Unplaced Did not compete
1999 Julina Felida Trinidad and Tobago - Unplaced Did not compete Most Favorite Candidate
2010 Benazir Berends Charles[2] United States - Withdrew United Kingdom - Unplaced Competed in Miss Intercontinental 2010 (Top 15)
2012 Saphira Elouise Janga[3] Did not compete China - Unplaced Competed in Miss Intercontinental 2012

Miss Bonaire at International pageants[edit]

Bonaire competed in several pageants. Other candidates might be compete at some pageants to represent Bonaire at International pageants.

Year Miss Bonaire International Placement Special awards
Poland 2011 Ana Gisel Maciel Miss Supranational Unplaced
China 2012 Ana Gisel Maciel Miss World Unplaced
Philippines 2013 Jeanine Ottenhof Miss Earth Unplaced


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