Miss Dominican Republic 1987

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Miss Dominican Republic 1987
Date December 10, 1986
Venue Centro Español Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic
Broadcaster Rahintel
Entrants 19
Winner Carmen Rita Pérez Pellerano

Concurso Nacional de Belleza 1987 was held on December 10, 1986. There were 28 candidates who competed for the national crown. The winner represented the Dominican Republic at Miss Universe 1987. The Señorita República Dominicana Mundo entered Miss World 1987. The Señorita República Dominicana Café entered Reinado Internacional del Café 1987. Only the 19 delegates participated representing the National District and provinces. The pageant was held for the first time in Santiago de los Caballeros at the Centro Español. The top 10 they showed their evening gowns and answered questions to go to the top 5. In the top 5 they answered more questions.


Final results Contestant
Señorita República Dominicana 1987
Señorita República Dominicana Mundo
Señorita República Dominicana Café
1st Runner Up
2nd Runner Up


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