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Eesti Miss Estonia
Formation 1923
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Tallinn
Miss Universe
Miss International
Official language
Valeri Kirss
Website Official website

Eesti Miss Estonia is an annual beauty pageant held in Estonia. The winner goes on to represent Estonia at Miss Universe.


Eesti Miss Estonia was identified for first time in 1923. The contest was held for the first time in 1988, 65 years after the first ever Miss Estonia contest was held.

The first Miss Estonia was elected in 1923, her name was Sinaida Tamm. The competition was arranged by "Estoniaan Film" and the main aim was to find a new actress. In 1923 the competition was arranged by a major newspaper "Päevaleht". Nadezda Peedi-Hoffmann was elected Miss Estonia and she held the title for 56 years,until 1988 when Heli Mets was awarded the title Miss Estonia ´88.Since then Estonia has had 15. beauti queens.[1]

Miss Estonia has been participated in the Miss Universe pageant since 1993, starting with Kersti Tänavsuu.


Year Eesti Miss Estonia Notes
1923 Sinaida Tamm Did not compete
1925 Antonie Bergmann Did not compete
1929 Meeta Kelgo Did not compete
1930 Amalie Smager Did not compete
1931 Lilly Silberg Did not compete
1932 Nadezda Peedi-Hoffmann Did not compete
1988 Heli Mets Did not compete
1989 Cathy Korju Did not compete
1990 Liis Tappo Miss Baltic Sea 1992
1991 Erika Bauer Did not compete
1992 Ruth Merila Did not compete
1993 Lilia Üksvärav Did not compete
1994 Eva Maria Laan Miss Baltic Sea 1995
1995 Enel Eha
1996 Helen Mahmastol
1997 Kristiina Heinmets
1998 Kadri Väljaots Miss Baltic Sea 1999
1999 Triin Rannat
2000 Evelyn Mikomägi Global Beauties Sexiest Woman Alive 2000[2]
2001 Inna Roos
2002 Jana Tafenau
2003 Maili Nomm Did not compete
2004 Sirle Kalma
2005 Jana Kuvaitseva Did not compete
2006 Kirke Klemmer
2007 Viktoria Azovskaja
2008 Kadri Nogu Did not compete
2009 Diana Arno
2011 Madli Vilsar Competed in Miss International 2013
2012 Kätlin Valdmets Did not compete
2013 Kristina Karjalainen
2015 TBA

Representatives at Miss Universe[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Miss Estonia represents her country at the Miss Universe pageant. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

Year Eesti Miss Estonia Placement Special Awards Title
Mexico 1993 Kersti Tanavsuu Unplaced Eesti Miss Estonia 1993
Philippines 1994 Eva Maria Laan Unplaced Eesti Miss Estonia 1994
Namibia 1995 Enel Eha Unplaced Eesti Miss Estonia 1995
United States 1996 Helen Mahmastol Unplaced Eesti Miss Estonia 1996
United States 1997 Kristiina Heinmets Top 10 Eesti Miss Estonia 1997
United States 1998 Mari Loorens Unplaced 1st Runner-up
Trinidad and Tobago 1999 Triin Rannat Unplaced Eesti Miss Estonia 1999
Cyprus 2000 Evelyn Mikomägi Top 10 Eesti Miss Estonia 2000
Puerto Rico 2001 Inna Roos Unplaced Eesti Miss Estonia 2001
Puerto Rico 2002 Jana Tafenau Unplaced Eesti Miss Estonia 2002
Panama 2003 Katrin Susi Unplaced 1st Runner-up
Ecuador 2004 Sirle Kalma Unplaced Eesti Miss Estonia 2004
United States 2006 Kirke Klemmer Unplaced Eesti Miss Estonia 2006
Mexico 2007 Viktoria Azovskaja Unplaced Eesti Miss Estonia 2007
Vietnam 2008 Julia Kovaljova Unplaced 2nd Runner-up
The Bahamas 2009 Diana Arno Unplaced Eesti Miss Estonia 2009
Brazil 2011 Madli Vilsar Unplaced Eesti Miss Eatonia 2011
United States 2012 Natalie Korneitsik Unplaced 1st Runner-up
Russia 2013 Kristina Karjalainen Unplaced Eesti Miss Estonia 2013
2015 TBA TBA TBA Eesti Miss Estonia 2015


  • In 1993, Kersti Tänavsuu (Miss Estonia 1993 First runner up) became the first Estonian representative in the Miss Universe pageant.[3][4]
  • Other times that the first runner up replaced the original winner in Miss Universe competition are Mari Loorens (1998), Katrin Susi (2003) and Julia Kovaljova (2008).
  • In 2005, Jana Kuvaitseva didn't compete in Miss Universe 2005 for unknown reason but none of her runners up was sent to Thailand.
  • The pageant produces 4 Miss Baltic Sea winners: Liis Tappo (1992), Eva Maria Laan (1995), Kadri Väljaots (1999) and Dagmar Makko (2001).

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