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For the contest that sends representatives to Miss Universe, see Miss Universe Ghana
Miss Ghana
Formation 1957
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Accra
Membership Miss World
Official language English
Key people Reginald Laryea

The Miss Ghana Pageant is an annual pageant organized by different media companies at different periods to select Ghana’s representative to the annual Miss World Pageant. Currently

It is the biggest and oldest national beauty pageant of Ghana. The contest was established in 1957, the year of Ghana’s independence, with Monica Amekoafia becoming the first-ever Miss Ghana. Aside from Miss World, the pageant is also responsible for sending representatives to Miss ECOWAS/CEDEAO (not to be confused with the ECOWAS Peace pageant). The winner signs a one-year contract with the pageant organiser to become the spokesperson for their various charities. In addition, she chooses a specific cause to support for the year of her reign. The current Miss Ghana is Stephanie Karikari who won the title on 30 October 2010 in Ghana’s capital city, Accra.


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Titleholders and representation at Miss World[edit]

Ghana debuted at Miss World 1959 with Star Nyaniba Annan. However, there have been two candidates (1990 and 1991) who represented Ghana at Miss World, but were not Miss Ghana titleholders. There are also several years that Ghana did not send a representative to Miss World even though there was a titleholder.

Year Miss Ghana Representative at Miss World Placement
1957 Monica Amekoafia Did not compete
1958 Janet Boateng Did not compete
1959 Star Nyaniba Annan Star Nyaniba Annan United Kingdom Miss World 1959 - Unplaced
1960 Comfort Kwamena Did not compete
1967 Araba Martha Vroom Araba Martha Vroom United Kingdom Miss World 1967 - Top 15[1]
1968 Lovell Rosebud Wordie Lovell Rosebud Wordie United Kingdom Miss World 1968 - Unplaced
1986 Magdalene Adjabeng Did not compete
1987 Augustina Henaku Did not compete
1988 Dzidzo Abra Amoa Dzidzo Abra Amoa United Kingdom Miss World 1958 - Unplaced
1989 Afua Amoah Bonsu Afua Amoah Bonsu Hong Kong Miss World 1989 - Unplaced
1990 Bridgitte Dzorgbenuku Dela Tamakloe United Kingdom Miss World 1990 - Unplaced
1991 - Jamilla Haruna Danzuru United States Miss World 1990 - Unplaced
1994 Matilda Aku Alomatu Matilda Aku Alomatu South Africa Miss World 1994 - Unplaced
1995 Manuela Medie Manuela Medie South Africa Miss World 1995 - Best Evening Gown
1996 Shiela Azuntaba Shiela Azuntaba India Miss World 1996 - Unplaced
1997 Benita Golomeke Benita Golomeke Seychelles Miss World 1997 - Unplaced
1998 Efia Owusuaa Marfo Efia Owusuaa Marfo Seychelles Miss World 1998 - Unplaced
1999 Mariam Sugru Bugri Mariam Sugru Bugri United Kingdom Miss World 1999 - Unplaced
2000 Ewurafua Hawkson Ewurafua Hawkson United Kingdom Miss World 2000 - Unplaced
2001 Selasi Kwawu Selasi Kwawu South Africa Miss World 2001 - Unplaced
2002 Shaida Buari Shaida Buari United Kingdom Miss World 2002 - Unplaced
2003 Serena Naa Ashi Roye Did not compete
2004 Inna Patty Serena Naa Ashi Roye China Miss World 2004 - Unplaced
2005 Lamisi Mbillah Inna Patty China Miss World 2005 - Unplaced
2006 Irene Dwomoh Lamisi Mbillah Poland Miss World 2006 - Top 16
Beauty with A Purpose
2007 Frances Takyi-Mensah Irene Dwomoh China Miss World 2007 - Top 16
2008 Mawusi Apea Frances Takyi-Mensah South Africa Miss World 2008 - Unplaced
2009 Mimi Areme Mawusi Apea South Africa Miss World 2009 - Unplaced
2010 Stephanie Karikari Mimi Areme China Miss World 2010 - Unplaced
2011 Stephanie Karikari United Kingdom Miss World 2011 - Beauty with A Purpose
2012 Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter Did not compete
2013 Nadia Ntanu Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter Indonesia Miss World 2013 - 2nd Runner-up
2014 Nadia Ntanu United Kingdom Miss World 2014 - Top 25

Notes on representation at Miss World

  • 2003: Due to a change in national the pageant organizer, a winner could not be crowned in time for Miss World. Instead, the winner for 2003, Serena Naa Ashi Roye, competed in Miss World 2004[2]
  • 2006: Lamisi Mbillah was fast-tracked to the semi-finals by winning the Beauty with a Purpose Award[3][4]
  • 2007: Irene Dwomoh was fast-tracked to the semi-finals by winning the Miss Talent Award[5][6]

Participation in Miss ECOWAS/CEDEAO[edit]

The Miss ECOWAS/CEDEAO pageant is an international pageant open to delegates from the 15 member-states of the The Economic Community of West African States or, in French, Communauté Économique Des États de l'Afrique de l'Ouest (ECOWAS/CEDEAO). Ghana sent its first-ever representative to Miss ECOWAS/CEDEAO in 1995 and she took home the title for that year.

Titleholders and representation at Miss ECOWAS/CEDEAO[edit]

Year Miss Ghana Titleholder Representative at Miss ECOWAS/CEDEAO Placement or Award
1994 Matilda Aku Alomatu (same) Winner
1995 Manuela Medie (same) 2nd Runner-up
1996 Shiela Azuntaba (same) 2nd Runner-up
1997 Benita Golomeke (same)
1998 Efia Owusuaa Marfo (same)
1999 Mariam Sugru Bugri (same)
2000 Ewurafua Hawkson (same)
2001 Selasi Kwawu (same)
2002 Shaida Buari (same)
2003 Serena Naa Ashi Roye (same)
2004 Inna Patty (same)
2005 Lamisi Mbillah (same)
2006 Irene Dwomoh (same)
2007 Frances Takyi-Mensah
2008 Mawusi Apea
2009 Mimi Areme
2010 Stephanie Karikari
2011 No contest
2012 Naa Okailey Shooter Nadia Ntanu Top 6 Finalist
2013 Giuseppina Baafi


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