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Miss Globe Organization
Industry Beauty Pageant Competition
Founders Charlie See
Website Miss Globe International Official Website

Miss Globe Organization is an international beauty pageant group founded in 1925 which holds annual events, usually in the eastern Turkey Mediterranean region.[1] Currently, Miss Globe pageant is produced with two versions annually by two separate organizations claiming to be the "official" organizers. The Miss Globe International is produced by RCA Global Entertainment Co. under Rasim Aydın. The Miss Globe International 2012 RCA Global Entertainment Co. held in Northern Cyprus, was won by Jakelyne Oliveira.[2][3]


The origins of the pageant are unclear, with even the number of Miss Globe events held being open to question.

The organization was founded by Charlie See (1910-2007) in 1972 and registered in the Bureau of Patents and Trademarks of Washington DC in 1973.[4][5]

The Miss Globe Organization also holds titles of numerous international branches such as Miss Globe Denmark, Miss Globe France, Miss Globe India, and more. The Miss Globe International has a franchising network of 162 countries.[5] It owns the rights to various titles, including "Miss Globe", "Miss Globe International", "Miss Globe Beauty Pageant", and "Miss Globe Beauty".[citation needed]


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