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Miss Heritage Pageant
Miss Heritage Pageant Logo.png
Miss Heritage Logo
Formation 2012
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Sandton
Official language
Tare Munzara
Website Official website

Miss Heritage formerly known as Miss Heritage World is an international beauty pageant [1] that stands for advancing World Heritage.[2] The pageant was founded on the basis of having women from all around the world to have the opportunity to represent the most important feature of any country, which is National Heritage. Miss Heritage pageant is an all religion, type of pageant whereby it accommodates all religions since religion is a very important feature of World Heritage.[3]

The current Miss Heritage title holder is Odessa Mae Tadaya from the Philippines who was crowned on December 20, 2014 in Johannesburg, South Africa.[4]

Odessa Mae Tadaya after Coronation at Miss Heritage 2014

Miss Heritage is not part of the Big Four international beauty pageants.[5]

Winners for Miss Heritage.


Miss Heritage Pageant was founded in Zimbabwe in 2012 during a visit at a World Heritage Site in Zimbabwe (The Victoria Falls). The pageant was founded on the basis to incorporate all nations, all religions and all people from different backgrounds to be involved in the process of initiating positive change the world through the use of world heritage.The pageant is ran by Miss Heritage Foundation which is an organization that holds the exclusive rights of hosting the pageant, which stands for the promoting of world heritage by the use of beauty pageantry.The concept for Miss Heritage Pageant compliments the vision, mission and objectives of (UNESCO) United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Convention of 1972 and the 2003 Convention on safeguarding cultural heritage.The main objective is to use heritage as a tool for sustainable development throughout the world, so that there is change in people’s lives being derived from the benefits of National and world heritage.Having a National Queen in a country and an International Queen, Miss Heritage that encourages Heritage promotion it then leads to the revival of traditions and possible the restoration of sites and monuments.Heritage Tourism has impacts which are positive and are grouped into economic, environmental, social, and cultural categories; which include: building community pride; enhancing the sense of identity of a community or region; promoting intercultural/international understanding; encouraging revival or maintenance of traditional crafts; heritage events, enhancing external support for minority groups and preservation of their culture, broadening community horizons; and enhancing local and external appreciation and support for cultural heritage. Our Heritage is a bridge linking our past and our future, it is the way we understand the world and means by which we shape it. It is rooted in our cultural identities and provides a foundation of wisdom and knowledge upon which to build sustainable development for all. Miss Heritage is not replica of any other pageant; it has its own way of doing things and we offer an insight into the great diversity of humanity’s living heritage across the world. It is never enough to just have countries gathering at a pageant without the profound for change, strengthening common resolve and take action to Safe Guard our Heritage, and our Pageantry for the benefit of future generations.


Year Country Miss Heritage National title Location Number of Entries
2015 TBA TBA TBA Sandton, South Africa TBA
2014  Philippines Odessa Mae Tadaya Miss Filipinas Heritage Johannesburg, South Africa 42
2013  Bahamas Shequera Grace King Miss Bahamas Harare, Zimbabwe 22

Results 2014[edit]

Final Results Contestant
Miss Heritage 2014  Philippines-Odessa Mae Tadaya
1st Runner Up  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-Anna La Borde
2nd Runner Up  Botswana-Katlego Gaotsenelelwe
3rd Runner Up  South Africa-Kgomotso Caroline Angel Pilane
4th Runner Up  Australia-Jennifer Hunt

Results 2013[edit]

Final Results Contestant
Miss Heritage 2013  Bahamas-Shequera Grace King
1st Runner Up  India-Swati Kain
2nd Runner Up  Russia-Natalia Poluektora
3rd Runner Up  Italy-Francesca Ena
4th Runner Up  Ecuador-Tatiana Torres

By number of wins[edit]

Country/territory Titles Winning years
 Philippines 1 2014
 Bahamas 2013

2013 Winners gallery[edit]

The heritage Kiss, Miss Heritage 2014 Winners


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