Miss Kosova

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Miss Kosova
Formation 1994
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Pristina
Membership Miss Earth, Miss World, Miss Supranational
Official language Albanian

Miss Kosova is beauty competition for unmarried women in the Kosovo and has taken place since 1994.


In the years 1998, 2004 and 2005, the contest was not held. Between 1994 and 2007, the contest was an arbitrary event confined to the Kosovo and recognised only by its organisers. From 2008 after Kosovan independence, Miss Kosovo has been permitted to take part at the Miss Earth pagaent. Pre-2008 winners of the contest were able to represent Miss Albania owing to agreements with its sister organisation across the border.

Two winners had a successful pageant in Miss Albania: Venera Mustafa (1999 winner of both titles); and Agnesa Vuthaj (winning Miss Kosovo 2003 and Miss Albania 2004) who also participated internationally as Miss Albania.

The Miss Kosovo pageant is organized by former titleholder Agnesa Vuthaj under her Agnesa Vuthaj Association. After Kosovo's declaration of independence, Miss Kosovo 2007 Yllka Berisha participated in the Miss Earth 2008 pageant but was unplaced.


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss Kosova
1994 Afërdita Paçarada
1995 Blerta Syla
1996 Diellza Kollgeci
1997 Adelina Ismajli
1999 Venera Mustafa
2000 Mimoza Harxhi
2001 Albina Hashani
2002 Njomëza Rozhaja
2003 Agnesa Vuthaj
2006 Besa Gashi
2007 Yllka Berisha
2008 Kaqusha THACI
2009 Elza Marku

Miss World Kosova[edit]

In 2013 the former Miss Universe Kosovo team pulled out of Miss Universe and decided to send their winning girl to Miss World 2013. Due to pilitical issues between Russia and Kosovo in 2013, Miss Universe Kosovo Organization changed format to send Miss Kosovo at the Miss World pageant while Kosovo did not compete at the Miss Universe pageant.

Year Miss World Kosovo Region Placement Special Award
Indonesia 2013 Antigona Sejdiu Pristina Unplaced
United Kingdom 2014 Diana Avdiu Pristina TBA

Miss Earth Kosovo[edit]

Miss Earth Kosovo will be selecting by Miss Kosova pageant. Since 2010, the candidate will be selecting in castings management to compete at the Miss Earth. In 2013 Miss Earth Kosovo together has been chosen with the winner of Miss Universe Kosovo at the Miss Universe Kosovo pageant.

Year Miss Earth Kosovo Region Placement Special Award
Philippines 2002 Mirjeta Zeka Pristina Unplaced
Philippines 2003 Teuta Hoxha Pristina Unplaced
Philippines 2008 Yllka Berisha Pristina Unplaced
Philippines 2009 Elza Marku Pristina Unplaced
Vietnam 2010 Morena Taraku Peje Unplaced
Philippines 2011 Nora Asani Pristina Unplaced
Philippines 2012 Ajshe Babatinca Pristina Unplaced
Philippines 2013 Donika Emini Pristina Unplaced
Philippines 2014 TBA

Miss Supranational Kosovo[edit]

Miss Supranational Kosovo will be selecting by Miss Supranational Kosovo Organization. This pageant winner usually will be picking by Miss Globe Kosovo pageant to compete at the Miss Supranational pageant.

Year Miss Supranational Kosovo Region Placement Special Award
Poland 2009 Jehona Krasniqi Pristina Unplaced
Poland 2010 Zhuje Neza Pristina Unplaced
Poland 2011 Edra Mjeshtri Pristina Unplaced
Poland 2012 Arselajda Buraku Pristina Unplaced
Belarus 2013 Romela Koleci Pristina Unplaced
Poland 2014 TBA


  • The Miss Kosovo pageant is not related to Miss Universe Kosovo or formally Miss Universe Kosova. After Kosovo gained independence from Serbia in 2008, Fadil Berisha (renowned Albanian-American photographer) started the Miss Universe Kosova pageant to select the country's delegate to Miss Universe. On the other hand, the Miss Kosovo pageant selects its representative to Miss Earth.

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