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The Miss New Hampshire Teen USA competition is the pageant that selects the representative for the state of New Hampshire in the Miss Teen USA pageant.

In terms of number of placements New Hampshire is one of the least successful states. From 1983 to 2007 their only placement was when Janel Bishop won the Miss Teen USA title in 1991.

Two New Hampshire teens have competed at Miss USA, one after winning the Miss New Hampshire USA and one as Miss New York USA.

Results summary[edit]


  • Miss Teen USA's: Janelle Bishop (1991)
  • Top 15: Courtney Morgan (2008)


Year Name Hometown Age1 Placement at Miss Teen USA Special awards at Miss Teen USA Notes
2014 Mikaela Seamans Keene 17
2013 Kelsea Campbell Auburn 17
2012 Marisa DeLuca Windham 18
2011 Annie Read[1] Sandwich 17
2010 Morgan Lucas 18
2009 Amber Faucher Pelham 17 Later Miss New Hampshire USA 2013
2008 Courtney Morgan Top 15
2007 Alexandra MacDonald Gilford 18
2006 Camille Westbrooks Salem 18 Miss Petite Teen North America 2004, Miss Sunburst USA 2005
2005 Brittany Dube Hampstead 15
2004 Brittany Freeman Merrimack 16 Cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins; Daughter of Miss New Hampshire USA 1977 & Miss New Hampshire 1978- Belinda Bridgeman
2003 Marshele Lee 16
2002 Jennifer Stein
2001 Ashley Blair
2000 Kristen O'Neil Cheerleader for the New England Patriots
1999 Kristin Thurston
1998 Nadiyah Humber Salem
1997 Bonnie Gagnon
1996 Melissa Coish
1995 Denise Courtney Hill Manchester 16
1994 Keri Lynn Pratt Derry 16 Television and movie actress.
1993 Gretchen Durgin Lancaster 17 Later Miss New Hampshire USA 1997
1992 Angela Etter Gorham
1991 Janel Bishop Manchester 17 Miss Teen USA 1991
1990 Sarah McFall
1989 Kerri Sossei Londonderry
1988 Christa Jones Keene
1987 Cara Daras Nashua
1986 Diane Dothan Rochester
1985 Katherine Borski Londonderry
1984 Lisa Fernald Hampton
1983 Maureen Murray 18 Later Miss New York USA 1991, finished 7th at Miss USA 1991

1 Age at the time of the Miss Teen USA pageant


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