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Miss North Dakota USA
Formation 1952
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Fargo
Miss USA
Official language
Website Official Miss North Dakota website
For the state pageant affiliated with Miss America, see Miss North Dakota.

The Miss North Dakota USA competition is the pageant that selects the representative for the state of North Dakota in the Miss USA pageant.

North Dakota has had only four placements and has never won the Miss USA crown. Their highest placement was in 2014 when Audra Mari placed 1st runner-up to Nia Sanchez of Nevada. This marks North Dakota's first and highest placement since Juliette Spier reached Top 6 in 1996.

Two Miss North Dakota USA titleholders have competed at Miss America and six have competed at Miss Teen USA.

Results summary[edit]

  • 1st runners-up: Audra Mari (2014)
  • 3rd runners-up: Judy Ann Slayton (1966)
  • 4th runners-up: Elizabeth Jaeger (1983)
  • Top 6: Juliette Spier (1996)


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Name Hometown Age[^] Placement at Miss USA Special awards at Miss USA Notes
2015 Molly Ketterling Bismarck 20 TBA
2014 Audra Mari Fargo 20 1st Runner-Up Previously Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2011 and 1st Runner-Up at Miss Teen USA 2011. She is the only woman to make 1st Runner-Up at both Miss Teen USA and Miss USA.
2013 Stephanie Erickson[1] Fargo 23
2012 Jaci Stofferahn Fargo 22 Contestant at National Sweetheart 2009.
2011 Brandi Schoenberg[2] Mohall 26 Previously Miss North Dakota International 2007.
2010 Taylor Ellen Kearns Fargo 20 Previously Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2007.
2009 Kelsey Erickson Grand Forks 22
2008 Stephanie Tollefson New Rockford 21 Replaced Bethany Nesheim on Dec 16, 2007 when she moved to another state.
2007 Rachel Mathson Thief River Falls 25
2006 Kimberly Krueger Fargo 21
2005 Chrissa Miller Bismarck 20
2004 Jennifer Smith Fargo 27 Contestant at National Sweetheart 1998.
2003 Samantha Edwards Fargo 23
2002 Amy Elkins Riverdale
2001 Michelle Guthmiller Palermo
2000 Amie Hoffner Minot
1999 Shayna Bank
1998 Alison Nesemeier Casselton Previously Miss North Dakota Teen USA 1994.
1997 Lauri Marie Gapp Fargo 25
1996 Juliette Spier 20 Top 6 finalist Previously Miss North Dakota Teen USA 1992.
1995 Jean Stallmo
1994 Amy Lantz
1993 Jennifer Seminary Fargo Previously Miss North Dakota Teen USA 1988.
1992 Camie Fladeland
1991 Mischelle Chistensen
1990 Kari Larson Previously Miss North Dakota Teen USA 1984; Top 10 at Miss Teen USA 1984.
1989 Carla Christofferson Tolna Previously placed fourth runner-up to Miss North Dakota 1987 and 1988, and won the swimsuit competition in 1987.[3]
1988 Kate Sevde Williston
1987 Shelley Gangness Fargo
1986 Beth Remmick Minot
1985 Regina Schatz Linton
1984 Suzanne Lewis Fargo
1983 Elizabeth Jaeger Fargo 4th runner-up Later Miss North Dakota 1985
1982 Tammy Martinson Lansford
1981 Laurie Saarinen Jamestown Later Miss Minnesota 1982
1980 Kim Thompson Minot
1979 Renae Hermanson Crosby
1978 Theresa Olson Fargo
1977 Barbara Redlin Ellendale
1976 Linda Paulson Bowman Mother of Kirsten Norderhaug, Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2010.
1975 Renae Saville Braddock
1974 Judith Waltz Langdon
1973 Barbara Lundien Minot
1972 Gail Schmeichel Minot
1971 Joanne Engel Minot
1970 Nancy Jean Perry Minot
1969 Beckee Benz Harvey
1968 Jewel Chrstensen Fargo
1967 Jacqueline Linder Fargo
1966 Judy Ann Slayton[4] Fargo 3rd runner-up 3rd runner up at Miss American Beauty 1965, official preliminary to Miss International.
1965 Patricia Dodge
1960 Twila Fleckton
1959 Patricia McGinley
1958 Diana Spidahl
1957 Anne-Marit Studness
1956 Mary Harroun
1955 Joan Smith
1954 Jane Hewitt
1953 Marilyn Caufield
1952 Gloria Rowe

^ Age at the time of the Miss USA pageant


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