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Miss Scotland
Formation 1961 (For Miss Universe)
1999 (For Miss World)
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Edinburgh
Location  United Kingdom
Membership Miss World
Official language
The Scottish Sun
Website Official website
Stephanie Willemse, Miss Scotland 2008

The Miss Scotland competition is an annual beauty pageant targeted at women aged 18–24 living in Scotland. Entrants must hold a British passport to enter. The contest, whose title is owned by the Miss World organisation, is organised each year by The Scottish Sun newspaper.

The winner of the Miss Scotland competition, along with the winners of Miss England, Miss Northern Ireland and Miss Wales, can compete in Miss World. The highest-ranking competitor of the four constituent country entrants is then presented with the title and crown of Miss United Kingdom, who will later compete in Miss International.


From 1961-1990, the winner of Miss Scotland would go on to compete at the Miss Universe pageant, usually held in the summer. She would then compete, along with the winners of Miss England, Miss Wales and Miss Northern Ireland, plus other top contenders from the regional competitions, at the Miss United Kingdom Pageant, with the winner of Miss UK going on to compete at the Miss World pageant in November.

During the 90s there would be no Miss Scotland at Miss Universe.

In 1999, after Scottish devolution, Miss Scotland was allowed to enter the Miss World pageant. The first Miss Scotland to compete at Miss World was Stephanie Norrie, she competed alongside Miss Wales, who was Clare Daniels and Nicola Willoughby, who won the last ever Miss United Kingdom pageant that year. Miss England and Miss Northern Ireland first competed at Miss World in 2000. Since then, the highest ranking of the four UK contestants has won the Miss United Kingdom title. In recent years the Miss UK titleholder has also been offered the chance to participate at the following years Miss International pageant, as Miss UK.

In the 21st century, the Miss Scotland contest has enjoyed a high profile with sponsorship from the Scottish Sun newspaper. Miss Scotland has also been the most successful of the four UK nations at Miss World. Since 2000, the Miss UK title has gone to Miss Scotland seven times (Wales has 3 wins, England 2 and Northern Ireland 2).


  •      Won Miss United Kingdom
  •      1st Runner-up at Miss Universe, Miss World or Miss UK
  •      2nd Runner-up at Miss Universe, Miss World or Miss UK
  •      Finalist or semi-finalist at Miss Universe or Miss World

From 1961 - 1990, the winner of Miss Scotland represented her country at the Miss Universe pageant.

Year Miss Scotland Placement at Miss Universe Placement at Miss UK
1961 Susan Jones Top 15 unknown
1962 Vera Parker Unplaced Unknown
1963 Grace Taylor Unplaced Unknown
1964 Wendie Barrie Unplaced Unknown
1965 Mary Young Unplaced Unknown
1966 Linda Ann Lees Unplaced Unknown
1967 Lena MacGarvie Unplaced Unknown
1968 Helen Davidson Unplaced Unknown
1969 Sheena Drummond Did not place Won Miss UK (Top 15 at Miss World)
1970 Lee Hamilton Marshall Did not place 2nd Runner-up
1971 Elizabeth Montgomery Unplaced
1972 Elizabeth Joan Stevely Unplaced
1973 Caroline Meade Unplaced
1974 Catherine Roberson Unplaced
1975 Mary Kirkwood Unplaced
1976 Carol Jean Grant 3rd Runner-up Won Miss UK (3rd Runner-up at Miss World)
1977 Sandra Bell 2nd Runner-up
1978 Angela McLeod Unplaced
1979 Lorraine Davidson Top 12 (10th) 1st Runner-up
1980 Linda Gallagher 1st Runner-up
1981 Anne McFarlane Unplaced
1982 Georgina Kearney Unplaced
1983 Linda Renton Unplaced
1984 May Monaghan Unplaced
1985 Jacqueline Hendrie Unplaced
1986 Natalie N. Devlin Unplaced
1987 Eileen Catterson# Did not participate
1988 Amanda Laird Unplaced
1989 Victoria Lace Unplaced 2nd Runner-up
1990 Karina Ferguson Unplaced


  • Pre 1970, only Miss United Kingdom victories are listed, whether the Miss Scotland winners in those years was a runner-up, was unplaced or even participated is unknown.
  • Post 1970, for Miss United Kingdom, only the Top 3 results are listed, for the Miss Scotland winners in that period that did not place in the top three, their result or participation details are unknown.
  • 1963 Miss Scotland, Grace Taylor, won the Miss Congeniality award at Miss Universe 1963.
  • 1976 Miss Scotland, Carol Jean Grant, is the only woman from Scotland to have placed in the top five at both Miss Univers and Miss World, finishing fourth at both in 1976.
  • 1979 Miss Scotland, Lorraine Davidson, also placed as 3rd runner-up at Miss International 1980, competing as Miss Great Britain.
  • 1987 Miss Scotland, Eileen Catterson, was disqualified from competing in that years Miss Universe due to being under age (she was 17). This makes 1987 the only year in the period 1961-1990, that Scotland were not represented at Miss Universe. Catterson did go on to compete at the following years Miss Europe pageant, where she was unplaced.

Miss Scotland 1997-present[edit]

Since 1999, the winner of Miss Scotland has represented her country at the Miss World pageant.

Year Miss Scotland Hometown Placement at Miss World Miss United Kingdom
1997 Isla Sutherland Alloa N/A
1998 Laura Tolmie Glasgow N/A
United Kingdom 1999 Stephanie Norrie Cumbernauld Unplaced N/A
United Kingdom 2000 Michelle Watson Motherwell Unplaced Miss UK
South Africa 2001 Juliet-Jane Horne Aberdeen 2nd Runner-up Miss UK
United Kingdom 2002 Paula Murphy Stirling Unplaced Unknown
China 2003 Nicola Jolly Aberdeen Unplaced Miss UK
China 2004 Lois Weatherup Linlithgow Unplaced Unknown
China 2005 Aisling Friel Glasgow Unplaced Unknown
Poland 2006 Nicola McLean Ellon, Aberdeenshire Top 17 (10th) Miss UK
China 2007 Nieve Jennings Bishopbriggs Unplaced Miss UK
South Africa 2008 Stephanie Willemse Glasgow Unplaced Unknown
South Africa 2009 Katharine Brown Dunblane Unplaced Miss UK
China 2010 Nicola Mimnagh Kilbarchan Top 25 Miss UK
United Kingdom 2011 Jennifer Reoch Glasgow Top 7 (7th) 1st Runner-up
China 2012 Nicole Treacy Paisley Unplaced Unknown
Indonesia 2013 Jamey Bowers Leith, Edinburgh Unplaced Unknown
2014 Ellie McKeating Milngavie TBA TBA


  • At Miss World 2001, as the highest placed contestant from Europe, Juliet-Jane Horne was awarded the title of Continental Queen of Europe
  • At Miss World 2006, Nicola Mclean reached the Top 17 semi-final but was not selected as one of the 6 finalists. Her overall position was 10th.
  • At Miss World 2011, Jennifer Reoch became Scotland's second most successful entrant of the century by reaching the final 7. Miss England, Alize Mounter also reached the final 7 and took the Miss UK title (Mounter was 4th overall, Reoch 7th).
  • Miss Scotland 2002, 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2012, did not win the Miss UK title but their UK placements are unknown.

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