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This is about a beauty pageant. For the 2004 film see Miss Sweden (film).
Annika Duckmark, Fröken Sverige 1996, during a television ceremony in 2009

Miss Sweden (in Swedish: Fröken Sverige), is the title of the Swedish beauty pageant, which ran from 1949 to 2003, by the female magazine VeckoRevyn and production company Strix in partnership with MTG. The competition qualified delegates to the global contests Miss Universe and first runner ups to Miss World. As the competition stopped running, it was replaced by separate pageants with various franchises.

Pageant history[edit]

The pageant has a long tradition of sending the national delegates to vacation abroad, for photos in swimsuits and evening gowns to viewers, such as Dubai (1996), Canary Islands (1997) and Barbados (2002).

Founded by Bonnier Media Group in 1948 and franchise has been in hand from 1949 until 1999 by the magazine VeckoRevyn, from 2000 to 2004 by the production company Strix. The first pageant was held in 1949 and was won by Kerstin Ringberg. This pageant has introduced models and actresses such as Anita Ekberg, Mary Stävin, Lena Olin, Jessica Folcker and Victoria Silvstedt. Many of the contestants have found notable careers in television and film, locally and in Hollywood with numerous of contracts with Universal Pictures. Some of them remain missing their maiden names.


Johanna Lind, Fröken Sverige 1993

Franchise holder between 1949-2000: VeckoRevyn

Year Fröken Sverige Origin Placement at Miss Universe
1950 Ebba Adrian Göteborg
1951 Anita Ekberg Malmö
1952 Anne Marie Thistler Stockholm Semi finalist
1953 Ulla Sandkler Gothenburg
1954 Ragnild Olausson Alingsås 4th Runner Up
1955 Hillevi Rombin Alfta MISS UNIVERSE 1955
1956 Ingrid Goude Sandviken 2nd Runner Up
1957 Ingrid Margareta Jonsson Gothenburg 4th Runner Up
1958 Birgitta Elisabeth Gårdman Stockholm Semi finalist
1959 Marie Louise Ekström Sundsvall Semi finalist
1960 Birgitta Öfling Uppsala
1961 Gunilla Knutsson Ystad Semi finalist
1962 Monica Rågby Gothenburg
1963 Kicki Margareta Jonsson Stockholm
1964 Siv Märta Åqvist Gävle 3rd Runner Up
1965 Ingrid Norman Tranås 3rd Runner Up
1966 Margareta Arvidsson Vänersborg MISS UNIVERSE 1966
1967 Eva-Lisa Svensson Gothenburg Semi finalist
1968 Anette Marie Hellqvist Hallsberg Semi finalist
1969 Birgitta Lindloff Gothenburg Semi finalist
1970 Kristina Wayborn Nybro Semi finalist
1971 Vivian Öihanen Vaxholm
1972 Britt-Marie Johansson Stockholm
1973 Monica Sundin Stockholm
1974 Eva-Christine Römpke Malmö
1975 Catharina Sjödahl Örebro 3rd Runner Up
1976 Caroline Westerberg Tierp
1977 Birgitta Lindvall Luleå
1978 Cecilia Björnsdotter Rodhe Gothenburg 4th Runner Up
1979 Annette Marie Ekström Eskilstuna 4th Runner Up
1980 Eva Birgitta Andersson Uddevalla 4th Runner Up
1981 Eva-Lena Lundgren Piteå 2nd Runner Up
1982 Anna Kari Bergström Piteå
1983 Viveka Miriam Jung Gothenburg
1984 Yvonne Ryding Eskilstuna MISS UNIVERSE 1984
1985 Carina Marklund Eskilstuna
1986 Anna Lena Rahmberg Gothenburg
1987 Suzanne Thörngren Handen Semi finalist
1988 Annika Davidsson Umeå
1989 Louise Drevenstam Örebro 1st Runner Up
1990 Linda Isacsson Vilhelmina
1991 Susanna Gustafsson Grums
1992 Monica Brodd Täby Semi finalist
1993 Johanna Lind Linköping
1994 Domenique Forsberg Kiruna Semi finalist
1995 Petra Hultgren Värmdö
1996 Annika Duckmark Borås Semi finalist
1997 Victoria Lagerström Stockholm Semi finalist
1998 Jessica Olérs Borlänge
1999 Emma-Helena Nilsson Östersund
2000 Valerie Aflalo Malmö

Franchise holder between 2001-2004: Strix Productions and Moore! Magazine

Delegates living abroad[edit]

Pageant Delegate Location Career
1952 Anne Marie Thistler Mexico Actress
1956 Ingrid Goude USA Actress
1961 Gunilla Knutsson USA Actress, model
1970 Kristina Wayborn USA/UK Actress
1978 Cecilia Rodhe USA Sculptor
1989 Louise Drevenstam USA Vice President of Camuto Group


Edition Year Presenter Version Winner Represented Venue Voting Delegates Franchise Broadcast
44th 1992 Adam Alsing Dubai Monica Brodd Uppland vapen.svg Uppland Grand Hôtel Celebrity Panel 28 VeckoRevyn TV4
45th 1993 Yvonne Ryding Dubai Johanna Lind Östergötlands läns vapen.png Östergötland Grand Hôtel Celebrity Panel 28 VeckoRevyn TV4
46th 1994 Yvonne Ryding Dubai Domenique Forsberg Lappland vapen.svg Lappland Grand Hôtel Celebrity Panel 28 VeckoRevyn TV4
47th 1995 Martin Timell Dubai Petra Hultgren Stockholm län vapen.svg Stockholm TV4 Television Centre Celebrity Panel 28 VeckoRevyn TV4
48th 1996 Martin Timell Canary Islands Annika Duckmark Västergötland vapen.svg Västergötland Berns Entertainment Centre Celebrity Panel 28 VeckoRevyn TV4
49th 1997 Agneta Sjödin Canary Islands Victoria Lagerström Stockholm län vapen.svg Stockholm Berns Entertainment Centre Celebrity Panel 28 VeckoRevyn TV4
50th 1998 Agneta Sjödin Canary Islands Jessica Olérs Dalarna vapen.svg Dalarna Berns Entertainment Centre Celebrity Panel 28 VeckoRevyn TV4
51st 1999 Sofia Wistam Canary Islands Emma-Helena Nilsson Jämtland vapen.svg Jämtland Circus Theatre Celebrity Panel 28 VeckoRevyn TV4
52nd 2000 Sofia Wistam Canary Islands Valerie Aflalo Malmö fulla vapen.svg Malmö Circus Theatre Hot Picks & Televoting 28 VeckoRevyn TV4
53rd 2001 Lydia Cappolicchio Barbados Malin Olsson Dalarna vapen.svg Dalarna Grand Hôtel SMS & Televoting 28 Strix TV3/MTG
54th 2002 Ulrika Jonsson Barbados Malou Hansson Uppland vapen.svg Uppland Grand Hôtel SMS & Televoting 28 Strix TV3/MTG
55th 2003 Fredrik Birging Barbados Helena Stenbäck Norrbotten vapen.svg Norrbotten Grand Hôtel SMS & Televoting 28 Strix TV3/MTG

The year of 1992 was the first time the pageant was broadcast. The promoters were a commercial channel alongside a magazine released for females. The readers picked their favourites and the winner was chosen among a panel of judges. The Miss Universe pageant was shown on Swedish television for the first time ever a few months later.

In the year of 2001, winners were picked via a telephone poll. There was still an acting jury, giving suggestions over whom they might believe be potential for the Miss Universe pageant.

Last winner was crowned in early 2004, winner was Katarina Wigander and crowned by Moore! Magazine.

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