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The T.E.E.N. Competition (formerly Miss Teen World Competition) is an annual international beauty pageant held in the USA. Due to litigation with Miss World, claiming that the pageant was infringing on their trademark, in 2011 the title of the pageant became Miss Teen Continents Pageants. The change was due to litigation from Mrs. United States that trademark infringement had been violated, the owner of Mrs. United States Isabella was persuaded by Chris Wilmer the national director of Miss United States (The new Miss World franchisee for the United States).

Contestants of the pageant include teen girls, with one contestant from each country. The winner is a representative for teen girls around the world. Winners crowned after the year 2011 will be called MISS T.E.E.N. (Miss Teen Continents).


  • Miss Teen World 2009: Amy Jackson (age 17, from  United Kingdom)
  • Miss Teen World 2010: Tayla Robinson (age 16, from  South Africa)[1]
  • Miss Teen World 2011: Anastasia Sidiropoulou (age 17, from  Greece)[2]
  • MISS T.E.E.N. 2012: Gabrielle Marinho (age 17, from  Brazil)
  • MISS T.E.E.N. 2013: Aleisha Robertson (age 16, from  New Zealand)
  • MISS T.E.E.N. 2014: Astrid Diaz (age 17, from  Puerto Rico)
  • MISS T.E.E.N. 2015: Ashley Southern (age 19, from  USA)[3]

Amy Jackson was crowned Miss Teen World in Houston, Texas at the Sheraton Hotel, on August 23, 2009. She is from Liverpool England. The first runner up was Alexandra Kondarova (Moscow, Russia), the second runner up was Natalia Kaplenko (Moscow, Russia), the third runner up was Kseniya Kapinos (Ukraine) and the fourth runner up was Megan Barney (Georgia, U.S.A).

Tayla Robinson was crowned Miss Teen World in Houston, TX on August 29, 2010. She is from Cape Town, South Africa and is the first female from South Africa to capture this title.

Anastasia Sidropouloua (Anna Maria) was crowned Miss Teen World in Houston, Texas, on August 13, 2011. She is from Athens, Greece and is the first female from Greece to capture this title. She planned on using her title to do charity work all over the world.

Gabriele Marinho was crowned Miss Teen World 2012. A 17-year old from Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil she is the first winner from Brazil.

Aleisha Robertson was crowned Miss T.E.E.N. 2013 in Houston, Texas, on July 5, 2012. She is from Auckland, New Zealand and is the first female from New Zealand to capture this title. She planned on using her title to do charity work all over the world. A total of 25 contestants competed for the title of Miss T.E.E.N. 2013.[4]


The Miss Teen World Pageant is independently produced by Gaspar Cruz and the Miss Teen World Organization.

The Teen World Competition strives to provide each young lady with an experience she will never forget. Personal growth, friendships and scholarships help define their program from other similar "teen" programs. The Teen World competition is the most fair and un-biased pageant for teens. It is not affiliated with any major pageant fan websites, or national organizations that run a "Miss" program for one of the big 4 country pageants.

Gaspar Cruz created and started the Miss Teen World program as an opportunity to create an international teen program like many other international pageants. Gaspar was involved with many other pageant programs and never found one with the same beliefs that he had. He wanted to create a pageant program that consisted of his personal beliefs of integrity and honesty. On August 23, 2008 he created his very first Miss Teen World Pageant, and he would be able to incorporate his beliefs into his pageant. He put together an ethics committee that consisted of doctors, lawyers, and professors, he used a team of different occupations because he wanted to remind everyone involved that they must always be honest, put contestants first, and to always remember that pageants are in the business of making young ladies dreams come true and that as directors, sponsors, staff members and adults, their job is to ensure that the young ladies never stop believing in their dreams.

Since the pageants inception there have been more successful titleholders and representatives that have gone on to win and compete in other notable pageants. Miss Teen World 2010 Anastasia from Greece represented Greece at the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant. Amy Jackson the first Miss Teen World winner has graced more fashion magazines than any other pageant titleholder in the Miss World or Miss Universe programs. Amy has been on the cover of Vogue, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan.


The past prizes have included:

  • Fashion wardrobe from Crown Couture
  • $5000 appearance wardrobe from Crown Couture
  • Official custom Miss Teen Continents crown/banner
  • A year of personal appearances and website promotions.
  • A year of hair care products for Lea Journo Cosmetique
  • A year supply of cosmetics from Gaspar Cruz Cosmetics



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