Miss USA 1963

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Miss USA 1963
Date July 17, 1963
Venue Miami Beach, Florida
Entrants 43
Placements 15
Winner Marite Ozers
Illinois Illinois

Miss USA 1963, the 12th Miss USA pageant, took place in Miami Beach, Florida on July 17, 1963. The pageant was won by Marite Ozers of Illinois, who was crowned by outgoing titleholder Macel Leilani Wilson of Hawaii. Latvian-born Ozers was the first woman born outside the U.S. to take the Miss USA title, and the second delegate from Illinois to do so. Ozers went on to finish as a Top 15 semi-finalist at Miss Universe 1963.

First runner-up Michele Metrinko later won the Miss World USA 1963 pageant and finished as a Top 14 semi-finalist at Miss World 1963. Metrinko's sister Marsha also competed in Miss USA 1963 – the only instance to date of two sisters competing against each other at the same pageant.



The Miss USA 1963 delegates were:

No state delegate: Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming

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