Miss World 2001

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Miss World 2001
MW 2001 - Channel Five.png
Miss World 2001 Titlecard
Date 16 November 2001
Presenters Jerry Springer, Claire Elizabeth Smith
Entertainment Umoja
Venue Super Bowl, Sun City Entertainment Centre, Sun City, South Africa South Africa
Entrants 93
Placements 10
Debuts Malawi
Withdraws Bahamas, Curaçao, Denmark, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Nepal, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Swaziland
Returns Antigua, China PR, Guyana, Hawaii, Latvia, Macedonia FYRO, Nicaragua, Sint Maarten, Thailand, Uganda
Winner Agbani Darego

Miss World 2001, the 51st edition of the Miss World pageant, was held on 16 November 2001 at the Super Bowl of Sun City Entertainment Centre in Sun City, South Africa.[1] 93 contestants from all over the world competed for the title. Agbani Darego from Nigeria won the pageant, she became the first black African to win the Miss World crown and the fifth black woman after Jennifer Hosten (1970, Grenada), Gina Swainson (1979, Bermuda), Giselle Laronde (1986, Trinidad and Tobago), Lisa Hanna (1993, Jamaica). She was crowned by Priyanka Chopra of India.


Countries and territories which sent delegates and results


Final results Contestant
Miss World 2001
1st runner-up
2nd runner-up
3rd runner-up
4th runner-up

Continental Queens of Beauty[edit]

Continental Group Contestant
Asia & Oceania

Special awards[edit]

Award Contestant
Best World Dress Designer
Miss Photogenic
Miss Talent
Miss World Scholarship

Order of announcements[edit]

Top 10
Top 5
1. China PR
2. Nicaragua
3. Scotland
4. Nigeria
5. Aruba


Group order[edit]



  • Malawi competed in Miss World for the first time.

Returning countries[edit]

  • Hawaii last competed in 1959.
  • Antigua last competed in 1991.
  • China PR last competed in 1994.
  • Nicaragua last competed in 1998.
  • Guyana, Latvia, Sint Maarten, and Thailand last competed in 1999.

Withdrawals and Nations not competing[edit]

  • Curaçao, Denmark, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Paraguay, and Sri Lanka did not compete for unknown reasons.
  • Bahamas and Swaziland did not compete. Bahamas fell ill and withdrew, while Swaziland had financial problems and lack of sponsorship.
  • Lithuania did not compete because of a scheduling conflict.
  • Moldova had problems with age requirements for the contestants.


  • A number of contestants had previously competed at or would later compete in the Miss Universe pageant.
    • Miss World winner Agbani Darego was a semi-finalist at Miss Universe 2001. Ligia Argüello (Nicaragua), a finalist and Jo-Ann Strauss of South Africa, a semi-finalist, also competed at Miss Universe 2001 but did not place. Others who competed at Miss Universe 2001 were Dina Tersago (Belgium) and Viviana Rivasplata (Peru).
    • Michelle Heitha (Namibia) and Joanna Drozdowska (Poland) and Shannon McLean (Cayman Islands) competed at Miss Universe 2002 but did not place in either pageant.
    • Emmanuelle Chossat competed at Miss Universe 2003 but did not place in either pageant.
    • Zizi Lee of Aruba (first runner-up) and Oleksandra Nikolayenko (semi-finalist) competed at Miss Universe 2004 but did not place.
  • Christina Sawaya (Lebanon) was expected to compete at Miss Universe 2002, but boycotted because of the participation of an Israeli delegate. She later won the Miss International 2002 title.
  • Radasha Hoʻohuli (Hawaii) held the Miss Hawaii USA 2006 title and represented Hawaii at Miss USA 2006.


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