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For other uses, see Missing Persons.
Missing Persons
Created by Peter Lance
Gary Sherman
Starring Daniel J. Travanti
Erik King
Juan Ramírez
Frederick Weller
Jorja Fox
Robert Swan
Patty Lombard
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 17
Executive producer(s) Stephen J. Cannell
Gary Sherman
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Original channel ABC
Original run August 30, 1993 – February 17, 1994

Missing Persons is a short-lived American crime drama television series, set in Chicago. It followed a fictitious missing persons unit; each episode usually following the investigation into three or more cases. It ran on ABC from August 30, 1993 to February 17, 1994.

It was produced by Gary Sherman Productions in association with Stephen J. Cannell Productions, and often used local Chicago-based actors, as well as occasional big-name guest stars such as Nina Foch, Eddie Bracken and Lois Smith. Semi-regulars included Ian Gomez, Irma P. Hall, Laura Cerón and Valerie Harper. Unlike most series from Cannell's company, he did not create or co-create this series.

Regular cast[edit]

  • Daniel J. Travanti: Lieutenant who heads the Missing Persons Unit, Ray McAuliffe
  • Erik King: Missing Persons Unit Investigator, Bobby Davison
  • Juan Ramírez: Missing Persons Unit Sergeant, Carlos Marrone
  • Frederick Weller: Missing Persons Unit Investigator, Johnny Sandowski
  • Jorja Fox: Missing Persons Unit Police Officer, Connie Karadzic
  • Robert Swan: Missing Persons Unit Secretary, Dan Manaher
  • Paty Lombard: Wife of Ray McAuliffe, Barbara McAuliffe

Among the guest stars was Stephen Colbert in episode 2.


Episode titles were all taken from a quote from their episode. Episodes usually began with some sort of humorous exchange between the team as they all crowded round the coffee machine, eating doughnuts. Ray would then come out from his office and hand out the cases for the day.

Title Original Airdate #
"Pilot" August 30, 1993 1x01
"Cabe... What Kind of Name Is That?" September 23, 1993 1x02
"People Don't Talk to Cops, People Lie to Cops" September 30, 1993 1x03
"I Can't Even Imagine" October 7, 1993 1x04
"That's My Sister, Pal" October 14, 1993 1x05
"The Man's an Emotional Termite" October 28, 1993 1x06
"Some People's Priorities" November 4, 1993 1x07
"I'm Gonna Miss Him Too..." November 11, 1993 1x08
"Sometimes You Can't Help Getting Involved..." November 25, 1993 1x09
"Right Neighborhood... Wrong Door" December 2, 1993 1x10
"How Hard Is It Just to Get Off at the Next Exit?" December 16, 1993 1x11
"If You Could Pick Your Own Parents..." January 6, 1994 1x12
"I've Got a Siren!..." January 13, 1994 1x13
"My Beautiful Son Is Okay..." January 20, 1994 1x14
"All They Had to Do Was Ask..." February 3, 1994 1x15
"Tell Me You Didn't Do It... I'll Go to the Wall for You" February 10, 1994 1x16
"What Do You Want... A Signed Confession?" February 17, 1994 1x17

DVD release[edit]

On July 27, 2010, Mill Creek Entertainment released Prime Time Crime: The Stephen J. Cannell Collection on DVD in Region 1. This special collection contains 54 episodes from 13 different shows produced by Stephen J. Cannell Productions including ALL 17 episodes of Missing Persons.[1]


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