Missing Pieces (Biffy Clyro album)

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Missing Pieces
Compilation album digital release by Biffy Clyro
Released May 14, 2009
Genre Alternative rock, experimental rock, post-hardcore
Label 14th Floor
Biffy Clyro chronology
Singles 2001–2005
Missing Pieces
Only Revolutions

Missing Pieces is a digital album by Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro, released May 14, 2009.[1][2] The album features B-sides from singles released from the band's 4th album Puzzle.


The album was released in digital format and is only available in America. The album compiles B-sides from the singles "Saturday Superhouse", "Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies", "Folding Stars", "Machines" and "Who's Got A Match?", along with several demo tracks that were previously exclusive to iTunes UK.


All lyrics written by Simon Neil, all music composed by Biffy Clyro.

No. Title Length
1. "A Headline" (Folding Stars) 3.43
2. "Coward" (Folding Stars) 3.42
3. "I'm Behind You" (Saturday Superhouse) 2.34
4. "Kittens, Cakes and Cuddles" (Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies) 3.30
5. "Loneliness" (Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies) 2.33
6. "Miracle of Survival" (Saturday Superhouse) 4.50
7. "Relief or Flight" (Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies) 4.11
8. "Scared of Lots of Everything" (Saturday Superhouse) 3.54
9. "Asexual Meat Kitchen" (Folding Stars) 3.31
10. "Hermaphrofight" (Machines) 3.29
11. "Cracker" (Who's Got A Match?) 2.33
12. "But I'm Serious" (Who's Got A Match?) 3.41
13. "Umbrella" (BBC Radio 1 Live Version, Who's Got A Match?) 2.57
14. "Folding Stars" (Demo, Folding Stars) 4.30
15. "Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies" (Demo, Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies) 5.14
16. "Saturday Superhouse" (Acoustic Version, Saturday Superhouse) 3.22
17. "Who's Got a Match?" (Demo, Who's Got A Match?) 2.25
18. "Classical Machines" (Iain Cook Aereogramme Remix, Machines) 4.34



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