Mission: Impossible II (soundtrack)

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For the movie's score, see Mission: Impossible II (score).
Mission: Impossible II: Music from and Inspired by
Soundtrack album by various artists
Released May 9, 2000
Genre Alternative metal, alternative rock
Length 63:14
Label Hollywood
Mission: Impossible chronology
Mission: Impossible (1996) Mission: Impossible II (2000) Mission: Impossible III (2006)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Music from and Inspired by Mission: Impossible II is the Soundtrack for the movie Mission: Impossible II. It was certfied gold for 100,000 copies shipped in Japan in August 2000.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Limp Bizkit – "Take a Look Around"
  2. Metallica – "I Disappear"
  3. Rob Zombie – "Scum of the Earth"
  4. Butthole Surfers – "They Came In"
  5. The Pimps – "Rocket Science"
  6. Foo Fighters and Brian May – "Have a Cigar" (Pink Floyd cover)
  7. Chris Cornell – "Mission 2000"
  8. Godsmack – "Goin' Down"
  9. Uncle Kracker – "What U Lookin' At?"
  10. Apartment 26 – "Backwards"
  11. Diffuser – "Karma"
  12. Buckcherry – "Alone"
  13. Tinfed – "Immune"
  14. Powderfinger – "My Kinda Scene"
  15. Tori Amos – "Carnival"
  16. Hans Zimmer – "Nyah"
  17. Hans Zimmer – "Injection"
  18. Zap Mama – "Iko-Iko"

NB: Many versions of this soundtrack have extra songs on them that are not available on the North American releases of the album. For example:

  • The U.K. version includes the song "Iko-Iko" from Zap Mama.
  • The Asian version includes 2 extra songs: "Iko-Iko" by Zap Mama and "Afraid Of What?" by Leon Lai, which contains a mixture of English and Mandarin.

Court case[edit]

The illegal online availability of a demo of the song "I Disappear" prior to the release of the soundtrack led to the 2000 U.S. district court case Metallica v. Napster, Inc.


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