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Mission Stardust (Italian: ...4...3...2...1...Morte), (German: Perry Rhodan – SOS aus dem Weltall),[1] and (Spanish: Órbita Mortal),[2] is a 1967 Italian science fiction film.[3] It was based on the Perry Rhodan universe,[4] and is considered so appallingly bad that fans of the series playfully deny its very existence.[citation needed]


The film starts with colorful 1960s music by composer Anton Abril, accompanied by Marcello Giombini’s wordless song Seli (soprano by Edda Dell'Orso) and some psychedelic opening credits. The opening scene is some poorly duplicated stock footage of rockets blasting off and low budget special effects.

In the movie, Thora, the Arkonide expedition’s commander is a platinum blonde with a wardrobe of skintight spacesuits. The film adds an intriguing subplot about a super criminal that doesn’t appear in the novel. The evil ‘Homer Larkin’ plots to get the Moon's wealth before Terra’s governments take it all for themselves. Mr. Larkin has a pet similar to the running gag in James Bond movies.


Perry Rhodan: Lang Jeffries
Thora: Essy Persson
Crest: John Karlsen
Larkin: Pinkas Braun
Criminal Leader: Gianni Rizzo


Director: Primo Zeglio generally directed spaghetti westerns and costume dramas. This is his only science fiction work.
Co-writer: Sergio Donati worked on A Fistful of Dollars, Once Upon a Time in the West, and A Fistful of Dynamite.


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