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Mississauga Bus Rapid Transit
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The Mississauga Transitway is a bus rapid transit system (BRT) under construction in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, spanning most of the city from Winston Churchill Boulevard to the junction of Highways 401 and 427 in the city of Toronto. Proposed in the 1970s, the plan has evolved over time. In the 1990s, a serious proposal intended to build a transitway from Ridgeway Road at the very western edge of the city, to the westernmost station of Toronto's proposed Eglinton West subway.[1] After this line was cancelled, the proposal was revised to its current state. Construction started in November 2010;[2][3] the first stretch of the transitway between Hurontario Street and Dixie Road is scheduled to open in November 2014,[4] with the rest of the project targeted for opening in 2016.[4][5] The transitway will be shared between MiWay (formerly known as Mississauga Transit) and GO Transit.


The plan now calls for a dedicated transitway from Winston Churchill Boulevard to Erin Mills Parkway, where the buses would then use dedicated shoulder lanes on Highway 403 to reach the City Centre terminal. From there, a dedicated transitway would parallel Highway 403 to Cawthra Road, and then follow Eastgate Parkway to Eglinton Avenue East, and Eglinton to just west of Renforth Drive.

The transitway would likely be served in a manner similar to Ottawa's Transitway, using a mix of express routes and local routes. Because the transitway is not planned to run near any of MiWay's secondary terminals (terminals other than Square One), it is likely that branch routes would also travel in mixed traffic to reach their destinations, like current routes 109 and 110.


MiWay will initially operate three routes along the corridor for its first phase in November 2014. A fourth route, 110 University, will serve the BRT once the western segment is built, approximately in 2016.

Route Year Service Terminus
21 Explorer 2012 Local City Centre Transit Terminal Skymark Hub (Renforth BRT Station)
107 Malton 2010 Express City Centre Transit Terminal Humber College (September to April)
Westwood Mall Bus Terminal
(May to August)
109 Meadowvale 2008 Express Meadowvale Town Centre Bus Terminal Islington Subway Station
110 University 2007 Express City Centre Transit Terminal Clarkson GO Station
2010 University of Toronto Mississauga (short turn)

107 Malton[edit]

Route 107 connects the City Centre Transit Terminal with the Airport Corporate Centre, Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ), the community of Malton via the Westwood Mall terminal, as well as Humber College's North Campus. It used to run along Highway 403 but was diverted to Rathburn Road due to the anticipated delays brought by the construction of the transitway.

Using Eastgate Parkway, part of the eventual transitway, and stopping outside of the physical airport at one of its "People Mover" stations (the Viscount LINK Station), it completes the run from the City Centre to Westwood Mall in just 43 minutes; therefore, it provides a much faster trip than the its local counterpart 7 Airport, which achieves it in 70 minutes. Also, it runs faster than another local route, 22 Finch, for the segment between Westwood Mall and Humber College because it stops directly in front of the campus building and runs along less busy residential roads, while the local route drops passengers at the parking lot far from the campus and it runs along the busy Darcel and Finch Avenues. Route 107 currently operates during weekday rush hours and midday periods only.

109 Meadowvale[edit]

Route 109 runs between the Meadowvale Town Centre terminal in northwest Mississauga, the Erin Mills Town Centre Bus Terminal in Erin Mills, the City Centre Transit Terminal, the Airport Corporate Centre, and the Islington Subway Station, a major terminal in Toronto.

The route used to bypass the City Centre Transit Terminal, completing the route in just 58 minutes. As of July 2011, by serving the City Centre Transit Terminal, it increased to 64–67 minutes, but it still provides a much faster trip than 89 Meadowvale-Subway, which currently does it in 75 minutes by traveling along local streets such as Creditview Road and Eglinton Avenue. However, with the additional stop at the City Centre Terminal, it also provides a quicker option to Meadowvale Town Centre with a 30-minute travel time, 15–20 minutes quicker than routes 9 Meadowvale and 10 Bristol. The route now operates both ways daily until 6:30pm.

110 University[edit]

Route 110 was the first of the 100-series routes to be created. It connects the City Centre Transit Terminal to U of T's Mississauga campus, the South Common Mall terminal in the west end, Sheridan Centre and Clarkson GO station, both located in the southwest part of the city. It provides a faster trip to UTM than former route 24, and a faster trip to South Common than former express route 206 by using Highway 403, part of the eventual transitway route. Route 110 provides full service 7 days a week.

GO Transit[edit]

GO Transit currently operates six routes along this corridor:

Route Service Terminus Major Mid-way Stops
19 Oakville / North York Local Oakville GO Station Finch Bus Terminal Square One Bus Terminal, Yorkdale Bus Terminal
19A Square One Bus Terminal Yorkdale Bus Terminal
19B Express Square One Bus Terminal York Mills Bus Terminal
19C Finch Bus Terminal
25 Waterloo / Mississauga Local University of Waterloo Square One Bus Terminal Wilfrid Laurier University, Kitchener Bus Terminal,
SmartCentres Cambridge, Milton Park and Ride
25B Express University of Waterloo
25C Wilfrid Laurier University
25D Wilfrid Laurier University
29 Guelph / Mississauga Local Guelph Central Station Cooksville GO Station University of Guelph, Square One Bus Terminal
29A Square One Bus Terminal University of Guelph
29B Express University of Guelph
45 Mississauga / York University Express Streetsville GO Station York University Square One Bus Terminal
45A Square One Bus Terminal
46 Oakville / York University Local Oakville GO Station York University Sheridan College Trafalgar Campus, Square One Bus Terminal, Bramalea GO Station
46A Express Square One Bus Terminal Sheridan College Trafalgar Campus
47 Hamilton / York University Local Hamilton GO Centre York University McMaster University, 407 / Dundas Park and Ride,
407 / Bronte Park and Ride, 407 / Trafalgar Park and Ride,
Square One Bus Terminal, Bramalea GO Station
47A Express McMaster University Bramalea GO Station Square One Bus Terminal
47B Square One Bus Terminal
47G Local Hamilton GO Centre Yorkdale Bus Terminal McMaster University, 407 / Dundas Park and Ride,
407 / Bronte Park and Ride, 407 / Trafalgar Park and Ride,
Square One Bus Terminal, Bramalea GO Station, York University

19 Oakville/North York[edit]

Route 19 runs between Oakville GO Station and Finch GO Bus Terminal. Along the way, it serves Square One, Yorkdale and York Mills bus terminals. This route also connects to four TTC subway stations, all of which are in Yonge-University-Spadina line: Yorkdale, York Mills, Sheppard-Yonge and Finch. This route provides service during weekdays only (excluding holidays), but with all branches combined (19, 19A, 19B, 19C), it has a frequency as high as 10 minutes at Square One during peak hours. All of Route 19's branches will run through the transitway.

25 Waterloo/Mississauga[edit]

Route 25 runs between University of Waterloo and Square One. It also stops at Cambridge, the Charles Street Terminal at Kitchener, and Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. The frequency of this route depends on the direction of travel, as well as the day of the week, ranging from hourly to every three hours. Routes 25B, 25C, and 25D provide extra express services between Square One and the two aforementioned Waterloo universities, bypassing Kitchener and Cambridge; while Route 25E provides express service from Kitchener's Charles Street Terminal to Square One. Route 25 runs year-round, seven days a week, while the express branches only run during the academic year.

29 Guelph/Mississauga[edit]

Route 29 runs between University of Guelph and Cooksville GO Station, while its 29A branch ends its trip at nearby Square One Bus Terminal. It also stops at Aberfoyle Park and Ride in Puslinch. This route is also planned to be extended further inbound to Kipling Station.[6] Route 29 provides service during weekdays, while Route 29A provides weekend service as well as extra service from the university during Fridays. It runs hourly up to the midnight hours 7 days a week.

45 Mississauga/York University[edit]

Route 45 runs between Streetsville GO Station and York University, stopping at Square One Bus Terminal. Meanwhile, route 45A provides extra service between Square One and York University during the academic year. During weekdays, routes 45 and 45A have a frequency of as high as 5 minutes at the peak direction and 30–35 minutes in the reverse peak direction. Both branches will run through the transitway.

46 Oakville/York University[edit]

Route 46 runs between Oakville GO Station and York University, stopping at Square One Bus Terminal and Bramalea GO Station. This route runs every 25–35 minutes during rush hours, 30 minutes during midday, and hourly during evenings. Route 46A provides extra service between Square One and Sheridan College's Trafalgar Campus during the academic year. Both branches will run through the transitway.

47 Hamilton/York University[edit]

Route 47 runs between Hamilton GO Centre and York University, stopping at Square One Bus Terminal and Bramalea GO Station. This route branch runs every 30–35 minutes during rush hours and 30 minutes during midday and evenings. Among all of the variants of route 47, only routes 47, 47A, 47B, and 47G will serve the transitway. Route 47A provides extra local service between Bramalea GO Station and McMaster University via Square One. Meanwhile, Route 47B provides extra express service between Square One and McMaster University. Route 47G provides hourly weekend service between McMaster University and Yorkdale via Square One. Route 47 provides service year-round, while its branches only run during the academic year. This route is also proposed to have a branch that serves Kipling Station.[6]


The current plan cites possible expansion opportunities such as heading west into Oakville via Highway 403 or Highway 407, as well as heading to Pearson International Airport (YYZ) in the east. It may also be extended to reach the proposed multimodal transit terminal at Kipling station on the TTC's Bloor-Danforth subway line via Highway 427 and Dundas Street West.

Proposed Routes[edit]

By the opening day,[6] several possible routes are being planned to run along it:

  • The BRT spine route, from Winston Churchill to Kipling Station (to be numbered as Route 100),
  • Along the Lisgar and Churchill Meadows communities, from Meadowvale Town Centre to Kipling Station via Winston Churchill Station,
  • Along Britannia, Creditview, and Rathburn Roads, from Meadowvale Town Centre to Kipling Station via City Centre, which currently form a part of Route 89,
  • Along Mavis Road and Highway 401 from Financial Drive to Kipling Station via City Centre, which currently form a part of Route 82,
  • Along Dixie Road from Drew Road to Kipling Station, via Dixie Station, and
  • Along Hurontario Street from Shoppers World to Kipling Station via City Centre.

However, there have since been new route proposals that could alter the original service plan.

  • Brampton Transit's Route 502 Züm Main is proposed to go all the way to Square One in preparation for LRT.
  • In its most recent budgets, Mississauga Transit proposes Route 105 Dixie-Bramalea Express to run between Dixie Outlet Mall and Bramalea City Centre, pending senior government funding.[7]
  • Oakville Transit could serve Mississauga City Centre by one of the branches of the proposed Dundas BRT, using Trafalgar Road and Highway 407.[8]

Future Phases[edit]

In future phases, the transitway is expected to be extended westward to Ridgeway Drive, where a station will be constructed. Also, the western section of the transitway, from Confederation to Erin Mills is expected to have a separated right-of-way, therefore gaining a Creditview Station. However, it is not known how the station would connect to the nearby Erindale GO Station. In the City Centre, the platforms along Rathburn Road between Hurontario Street and Living Arts Drive will be shared with the Hurontario-Main Street LRT. The BRT will use the inner side of the platforms, while the LRT will use the outer side because the LRT vehicles will have doors on the left side, while the BRT buses won't. Also, a Centre View Drive station has been protected for future use since it will connect to a possible branch of the proposed Hurontario light rail.[6]


The BRT stations would consist of platforms, pedestrian walkways, Kiss & Ride areas and Park & Ride lots. All stations will be wheelchair-accessible (Wheelchair symbol.svg) and will have heated waiting areas, similar to Züm.[9]

The following is a list of proposed stations, from west to east:[10]

Station Opening GO Transit Stop Park and Ride Kiss and Ride Bus Access Notes
Winston Churchill 2016 X 335 spaces X X
Erin Mills 2016 X 335 spaces X X
City Centre 1997 X 210 spaces X
Central Parkway 2014 X
Cawthra 2014 60 spaces X
Tomken 2014 X
Dixie 2014 X 170 spaces X X
  • This is a station that will service Rockwood subdivision
Tahoe 2016
  • originally Fieldgate.[1] This is a station that will service Rockwood subdivision.
Etobicoke Creek 2016
  • originally Fieldgate North [1]
Spectrum 2016
Orbitor 2016
Renforth Gateway 2016 X X
Kipling 2019 X TTC only Shared with TTC X

The Renforth station, to be located one block west at Commerce Boulevard, is currently planned to feature an indirect multimodal interchange with the TTC's proposed Eglinton Crosstown line. The interchange will feature a full-service below grade BRT station, but only at-grade median surface stop for the LRT, requiring transferring passengers to cross Commerce Boulevard and descend a set of stairs to access the BRT.[11]

There will be local and express services, with some buses stopping at all stations, and others stopping only at selected major stations.[10]


The transitway would use a mix of standard and articulated buses travelling at 80 km/h.[1] The transit corridor will be shared by GO Transit and MiExpress buses for inter-regional and inter-city travel, respectively.

Funding and construction[edit]

The project, estimated to cost $259 million,[3] is funded as part of the Government of Ontario's MoveOntario 2020 plan, with both the federal and provincial governments contributing up to a total of $173 million.[12] Construction is divided between Metrolinx (via GO Transit) and the City of Mississauga: the former is responsible for the transitway's western segment (between Winston Churchill and Erin Mills), a small portion of the eastern segment (between Hurontario and Cawthra) and Renforth Gateway Station, while the city is in charge of the rest of the project.[5] Construction on the eastern segment began in November 2010,[3] while Metrolinx launched construction of the western segment in November 2013.[13]


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