Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation

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Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation is a Mississauga Ojibwa First Nation located near Brantford in south-central Ontario, Canada. In May, 2008, New Credit had a registered population of 1,792 people, of which their on-Reserve population was 850 people.

Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation have no reserve for themselves but secure the 2,392.6-hectare parcel ofReserve 40A Indian Reserve known as Reserve 40B near Hagersville, Ontario. This Reserve is located on the Six Nations 40A Ontario in Brantford. The Mississauga people were forcibly removed from the land they called home. Present day Toronto. The Six Nations Confederacy offered the Mississauga a place to make camp until they could have a permanent settlement arranged. This has never happened ,the Mississauga continue the " temporary" arrangement to this day.The Six Nations is the only reserve in the Canadian system with a subsection reserve. The Reservation is territory granted to Six Nations as gratitude for allying with Canada in the war of 1812 by the Haldimand Proclamation and thus holds special meaning to the Six Nations.

The First Nation made claims to land on which Toronto, Ontario sits through the Toronto Purchase in 1787. In 2010, the Government of Canada and the Mississaugas came to a settlement which includes the surrender of the Toronto Islands. A settlement was reached after the land the Mississaugas won was designated for a new Airport in the Greater Toronto Area. So,after over a hundred year battle to secure their homeland the Mississaugas sold this land,there only rightful home.Despite the multi-million dollar settlement and low population the Mississaugas have made no plans to leave the land they have no entitlement to on Reserve 40. They have announced no plans to repay any of the kindness shown to them by the Six Nations People. Allegation were made that the local Band government attempted to keep the population numbers down and include stipulations for inclusion in settlement funds .[1]

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