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The Mississinewa Valley Conference in Indiana. Counties in red contained schools at the time of disbanding, counties in pink contained former member schools who left before conference folded.

The Mississinewa Valley Conference was an IHSAA-sanctioned conference based in East Central Indiana that lasted between 1953[1] and 1977. The conference started out as a conference for larger rural schools as a way to provide a higher level of competition than their respective County Conferences typically provided. The conference was stable for its first decade, but consolidation and more regionally based conferences with schools of similar sizes had schools defecting the MVC. The conference ended in 1977, with three schools forming the Classic Athletic Conference, and one team each joining the Mid-Eastern and Mid-Indiana conferences.

Former Members[edit]

School Location Mascot Colors County Year Joined Previous Conference Year Left Conference Joined
Greentown Comets           34
1952 Tri-County 1965 Mid-Indiana
Fairmount Fairmount Quakers                27
1952 1965 Mid-Indiana
Mississinewa Gas City Indians           27
1952 1977 Classic
Portland Portland Panthers                38
1952 1975 none (consolidated
into Jay County)
Royerton Royerton Redbirds                18
1952 Delaware 1967 none (consolidated
into Delta)
Winchester Winchester Golden Falcons                68
1952 1972 Tri-Eastern
Hagerstown Hagerstown Tigers                89
1962 Eastern Indiana 1966 Tri-Eastern
Anderson Highland Anderson Scots           48
1963 White River 1969 White River
Eastbrook Marion Panthers                27
1965 none (new school) 1977 Mid-Indiana
Wes-Del* Gaston Warriors           18
1966 none (new school) 1977 Mid-Eastern
Delta Muncie Eagles                18
1967 none (new school) 1977 Classic
Jay County Portland Patriots                38
1975 none (new school) 1977 Classic
  • Eastern played in both the MVC and TCC from 1953 until 1965. Wes-Del played concurrently in the MVC and the White River Conference from 1969 to 1977.

Membership Timeline[edit]

Jay County High School Delta High School (Muncie, Indiana) Wes-Del High School Eastbrook High School Highland High School (Anderson, Indiana) Hagerstown Junior-Senior High School Winchester Community High School Delta High School (Muncie, Indiana) Jay County High School Mississinewa High School Madison-Grant High School Eastern Junior-Senior High School


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