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Mississippi Valley Airlines (IATA--XV), was a regional air carrier serving the Upper Midwestern region of the United States. Originally founded as Gateway Aviation, the carrier initially had its headquarters in La Crosse, Wisconsin,[1] and began scheduled flight operations on July 22, 1968 between La Crosse Municipal Airport and both Chicago (O'Hare International Airport) and Milwaukee (General Mitchell International Airport).[2] The carrier name changed to Mississippi Valley Airways in October 1969, later becoming Mississippi Valley Airlines, with the headquarters moving to Quad City Airport in Moline, Illinois in January 1982.[3][4] The airline merged with Air Wisconsin in 1985 and thus lost its previous identity.[5]




Although the airline had no fatal accidents, it lost one aircraft during in-flight operations, a Twin Otter which hit trees upon landing at La Crosse, Wisconsin.[6]


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