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The Missouri Information Analysis Center, or MIAC is a "fusion center," combining resources from the federal Department of Homeland Security and other agencies, in particular local agencies. It collects intelligence from both the local agencies and the Department of Homeland Security and uses these combined sources to analyze threats and better combat terrorism and other criminal activity. The center opened in 2005 and is located in Jefferson City, Missouri.[1]

"The Modern Militia Movement" Report[edit]

The MIAC was relatively unknown until March 13, 2009, when a leaked report entitled "The Modern Militia Movement," originating from MIAC, appeared on Wikileaks.[2] Subsequent investigation was spearheaded by the Liberty Restoration Project out of Kansas City, Missouri. The report detailed trends in militia and terrorist activity in Missouri and described common symbols and media associated with militia members and domestic terrorists, in order to help police identify them. The report as leaked included suggestions that political bumper stickers such as those for U.S. Rep. Ron Paul could be used to identify militia members and terrorists.[3][4] The authenticity of the report was confirmed by Lt. John Hotz, the Assistant Director of the Public Information and Education Division of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, who claims that the report is derived purely from publicly available trend data on militias.[1]

Within a day of the leak, freelance journalist and known Ron Paul sympathizer, Allison Bricker created a counter parody mirroring the document's style, graphical elements, grammatical errors, use of incendiary rhetoric, entitled SMIAC Report - The Modern Tyranny Movement.[5] The counter document cited a timeline of events and action by the United States Government, which illustrated her point. Her version of the report went viral amongst alternative media outlets and further embarrassed the Missouri State Police and Department of Homeland Security.[6][7]

As of March 27, 2009 the entire report was scrapped and letters of apology were sent to Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin.[8] Legislation was passed in Missouri which included an amendment to cut funding to the MIAC should it again engage in political profiling, and the director of the MIAC was reassigned.


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