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Route 291 marker

Route 291
Route information
Maintained by MoDOT
Length: 58.0 mi[1] (93.3 km)
Major junctions
South end: I-49 / US 71 in Harrisonville
  US 50 in Lee's Summit
I-470 in Lee's Summit
US 40 in Independence
I-70 / I-470 in Independence
US 24 in Independence
I-35 / US 69 in Liberty
I-435 / US 169 in Kansas City
North end: near I-435 in Kansas City
Highway system

Missouri Highways

Route 283 Route 340

Route 291 is a 58.0-mile-long (93.3 km) state highway in the western part of the U.S. state of Missouri. Its southern terminus is at I-49/US 71 in Harrisonville; its northern terminus is at I-435 in Kansas City. The route was once designated as US 71 Bypass. Route 291 serves as a main arterial road and commercial strip in Liberty and Independence. It is also the main entrance road to the terminals at Kansas City International Airport in Platte County.

Route description[edit]

Route 291 begins in central Cass County at an interchange with I-49/US 71 in Harrisonville. Here, the roadway continues as Cantrell Road. It travels to the north, intersecting Missouri supplemental route P (203rd Street), and past Country Creek Golf Club. It has a brief concurrency with Route 58. The two routes separate after just over 1 mile (1.6 km). Route 291 is a major highway in eastern Jackson County. In Lee's Summit, it has an interchange with Route 150. After it passes Shamrock Hills Golf Course, it has a very brief concurrency with US 50. After the two highways separate, Route 291 travels through the main part of the city and has an interchange with I-470. The two highways begin a concurrency for the remainder of I-470's length. They have an interchange with Strother Road and then meet Woods Chapel Road. Then, they have an interchange with Lakewood Boulevard and Bowlin Road. Here, they pass to the east of Lakewood Oaks Golf Club. After crossing over the Little Blue River and entering Independence, they have an interchange with US 40 (Cpl M.E. Webster Memorial Parkway). Shortly afterward is an interchange with I-70, where I-470 meets its eastern terminus. Route 291 continues to the north. It has an interchange with 39th Street. It crosses over a Kansas City Southern Railway line on the southeastern corner of Van Hook Park. After a more westerly jog, it intersects Route 78 (East 23rd Street South). Immediately after crossing over a Union Pacific Railroad line is an interchange with Truman Road. Farther along is an interchange with US 24. Route 291 passes to the west of Winterstone Golf Course and travels to the north-northwest. It crosses over Mill Creek. It then crosses over a Union Pacific Railroad line just to the west of the River Bluff Nature Preserve. The highway then crosses over the Missouri River on the Liberty Bend Bridge. On the northern shore of the river, it enters River Bend. In town is an interchange with Route 210. The highway enters Clay County and Liberty. Route 291 curves to the west and then to the northwest. It intersects the eastern terminus of Route 152 (West Kansas Street). It curves to the north and parallels I-35/US 69 before curving back to the northwest and meeting those routes at an interchange. Almost immediately is an intersection with the southern terminus of Missouri supplemental route A (Church Road). Route 291 curves to the west and has an interchange with I-435. The route then passes north of Resurrection Cemetery. It then meets an interchange for US 169 (NW Arrowhead Trafficway). Immediately after it curves to the northwest, the highway enters Platte County and has a second interchange with I-435. Shortly afterward, the highway curves back to the west and meets its northern terminus, a third interchange with I-435. Here, the roadway continues as Cookingham Road.


The route was renumbered in the mid-1960s when I-29 was opened.

It originally crossed the Missouri River about 2 miles (3.2 km) north of where it does now, until 1949, when the Missouri River was rerouted. The county line stayed constant, however, leaving some of Jackson County north of the river. It was aligned on what is now the western frontage road in southern Liberty, Southview Drive, until the mid-1970s, when a four-lane Route 291 was built.

Route 291 was designated as "Route 35" from 1926 to 1939, and then "US 71 Bypass" until 1972. From 1922 to 1926, Route 35 took the western route between Harrisonville and Kansas City, while Route 1 followed present Route 291; US 71 replaced that part of Route 1 in 1926, but followed what had been Route 35, and so Route 35 was moved east to replace the piece of Route 1 bypassed by US 71.

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