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Mista'arvim (Hebrew: מסתערבים‎, lit. Arabized; Arabic: مستعربين‎, Mustaʿribīn), also spelled as mistaravim, is the name given to those counter-terrorism units of the Israel Defense Forces and Israel Border Police in which officers are specifically trained to disguise themselves as Arabs in order to kill or capture a wanted terrorist. These are also commonly known as the 'Arab Platoons'.


Training for these units is about fifteen months:

  • Four months basic infantry training in the Mitkan Adam army base – the IDF Special Training Center.
  • Two and a half months of advanced infantry training in the same base.
  • Two months of the unit's basic training, which focus on advanced urban navigation exercises and the beginning of counter-terrorism training.
  • Four months Mista'arvim course, which covers everything from learning Arab traditions, language and way of thought to civilian camouflage (hair dying, contact lenses, Arab clothing).
  • One-month courses – sniper, driving and different instructors courses.

Known units[edit]

Two of these units are in the Israel Defense Forces and one in the Israel Border Police:

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