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Origin Hong Kong, China
Genre(s) pop music, Chinese rock, Cantonese music, pro-government rock
Label(s) Cinepoly
Years active 2008-present
Current Members Alan Po
Ronny Lay
Quincy Tam (MJ)
Desmond Tam (Dash)
Tom To
Official Website

Mister also known as Mr. is a Hong Kong, Chinese rock band composed of lead vocalist Alan Po, guitarists Ronny Lay and Quincy Tam, bassist and backing vocalist Desmond Tam, and drummer Tom To.

The quintet originated from the underground indie scene where they were known as White Noise. Their breakthrough performance was their gig at Alan Tam's birthday party. They were subsequently recommended to Universal Music by himself who was deeply impressed by their skill and talent.[1]


In 2008, Mister released their debut EP titled Mr. (pronounced "Mister", as per band name). It was later re-released as part of their second effort: If I Am....

In 2009, Mister released their first LP titled If I Am...[2] It spawned a number of hit singles, notably "If I Were Eason Chan"[3] and "Mr. Tam",[4] the first being an homage to popular canto pop artist Eason Chan and the latter as a tribute to Alan Tam.

In early 2010, Mister released a compilation titled Like Black,[5] the album contained two new tracks, a mandarin version of "If I Were Eason Chan" and seven remixed versions of songs from their previous efforts If I Am... and Mr.

In March 2010, Mister played two shows at the Hong Kong Coliseum and featured Joey Tang, Patrick Lui and Ricky Chu from veteran canto-rock band Tai Chi and legendary Alan Tam; as well as contemporary pop singer Eason Chan and Hip Hop group LMF. The concerts were successful and were recorded into high definition DVD, which was released in May, 2010.[6] On 2011, May 16, Mister released a full album, People Sing for People. They hosted two shows at the Hong Kong Coliseum, Mr. Everyone Concert 02 on 2011, July 3 and 4. In 2012 Mister won CASH Best Singer-songwriter Award on January 7. Soon after they released an EP, Misterdays, on 2012, May 16, with the single "Yesterday" becoming a commercial success, reaching number one on two major music charts, 903 and RTHK. Mister returned to the Hong Kong Coliseum for the third time with two concerts on 2013, January 4 and 5, Mr. New Beginning Live. The concerts featured special performances by Robyn and Kendy, and Andy Hui.

In 2014, Mister released their first Mandarin album, entitled "100 Reasons To Fly", in which its title track has made it to the top 20 songs of the 5th Global Chinese Golden Chart.


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