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Mitch Owens (b. 1921)[1] was a city councillor and interim mayor of Gloucester, Ontario, Canada. Born in Hazelridge, Manitoba,[2] he joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1942. Two years later, he served on the St. Roch, during a part of its historic voyage through the Northwest Passage.[1] After time working in the Arctic and in London, he moved to the Ottawa region in 1953, and settled in the rural area south of the city.[2] Owens retired from the RCMP in 1963.[1] He went into business as the owner of a trailer park.[2]

He was elected to council in 1966, and served four years as deputy reeve. In 1980 he ran for a seat on the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton, but lost by six votes. He was appointed mayor in July 1984 after mayor Fred Barrett died in office.[2] He was challenged in the 1985 elections by aldermen Harry Allen and Royal Galipeau,[3] with Allen emerging victorious by just over a thousand votes. In 1988 he returned to council, defeating Harold Keenan.[2]

Gloucester city council voted in 1990 to rename Regional Road 8, where Owens lived, to Mitch Owens Road, after residents along the lengthy street signed a petition to have it renamed. Owens retired from politics prior to the 1991 elections at age 70.[2]

In 1949, Owens married Stella Futa.[1] She died in 2005.[4]


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