Mitchell Community College

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Mitchell Community College
Location 500 West Broad Street, Statesville, North Carolina
219 North Academy Street, Mooresville, North Carolina 35°35′06″N 80°48′44″W / 35.584954°N 80.812351°W / 35.584954; -80.812351

35°47′00″N 80°53′34″W / 35.783227°N 80.892903°W / 35.783227; -80.892903Coordinates: 35°47′00″N 80°53′34″W / 35.783227°N 80.892903°W / 35.783227; -80.892903

Mitchell Community College is a two-year community college based in Historic Downtown Statesville, North Carolina.

Its main campus is located in downtown Statesville, with many facilities located throughout the town. Mitchell also has a second campus located in Mooresville, North Carolina. Mitchell provides classes all year round on both campuses with many degree choices.


The school that would later become Mitchell College opened in 1856 as Concord Female College, a women's college sponsored by the Presbyterian church in North Carolina. After the Civil War, during a brief period of private ownership, the name of the school was changed to Simonton Female College. In the 1870s, the school grew under the leadership of Eliza Mitchell Grant and Margaret Eliot Mitchell, daughters of the scientist and educator Elisha Mitchell. In 1917, the name of the school was changed to Mitchell College in their honor. In 1932, the school became coeducational, admitting its first male students.[1]

In 1973, Mitchell College joined the North Carolina Community College System and the name was changed to Mitchell Community College.

In the 2008-2009 year, Mitchell became the first community college in the United States to be accepted into NASA's University Student Launch Initiative competition. This inaugural team, led by Dr. P. Doug Knight, Robert Stegall, Brian Couch, Eugene Yang, Joseph Thompkins, and Adam Wooten, placed 8th out of 28 teams with a payload that tested choked flow shock wave manipulation by introducing a rotating diffuser into an converging diverging duct. In 2009-2010, Mitchell was again accepted to the competition. The 09-10 team copied the payload of the 08-09 team with the exception of adding a "sparking mechanism" at the point of choked flow. Using the 08-09 documentation templates, the 09-10 team was able to finish 4th overall.


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