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Mitraillette (fast food).jpg
A half baguette Mitraillette
Alternative names Américain
Type Sandwich
Place of origin Belgium
Region or state Brussels
Main ingredients Bread, Meat, Fries with various sauces
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A Mitraillette (French pronunciation: ​[mitʁajɛt], literally "submachine gun"), is a Belgian dish available in friteries and cafés. It is thought to have originated in Brussels, but is also popular in Flanders, Wallonia and the Nord region of France, where it is also known as an "Américain" (literally an "American").


A mitraillette consists of:[1]

Crudités are often included (grated carrot, fresh lettuce, tomato slices) though vary with the venue. Cheese and cabbage are also sometimes included.[2]

Originally mitraillettes only contained a sausage or sliced meat. Alternatives quickly became available. Often, dürüms are served instead in more multicultural areas.


The Daily Meal reviewed the mitraillette with "this is a delicious and gut-busting way to eat them" in their article "12 Life-Changing Sandwiches You've Never Heard Of".[3]

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