Mitsubishi Pajero Junior

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Mitsubishi Pajero Junior
Mitsubishi Pajero Jr.jpg
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors
Production 1995–98
Body and chassis
Body style Mini SUV
Engine 4A31 1094 cc SOHC 16v I4
Wheelbase 2,200 mm (86.6 in)
Length 3,500 mm (137.8 in)
Width 1,545 mm (60.8 in)
Height 1,660 mm (65.4 in)
Curb weight 980 kg (2,160 lb)

The Mitsubishi Pajero Junior is a mini SUV produced by Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors between 1995 and 1998. Based on a lengthened Minica platform, it was a larger version of the Mitsubishi Pajero Mini, though unlike that car it was too big to qualify for the kei car classification.

For normal use, a basic rear wheel drive configuration is used for road performance and fuel consumption purposes. However, it also has a selectable four wheel drive system (low and high gear ratios) for off-road driving.

Most of the vehicles were sold with a 3 speed automatic gearbox, but a less common 5 speed manual gearbox was also an option. The 1094cc engine block is the same as used in the Mitsubishi Colt.

The popularity of the vehicle inspired Mitsubishi to create several limited editions, including the "Pajero Jr. McTwist", and "Pajero Jr. Lynx", which were exhibited at the 32nd Tokyo Motor Show in 1997.[1]

Annual production and sales[edit]

Year Production
1995 30,605
1996 24,690
1997 13,934
1998 149

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