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Mix Master

Kathleen Barr Don Brown, Sam Vincent, Jillian Michaels, Chantal Strand, Scott McNeil, Cathy Weseluck, Lisa Ann Beley,

Tabitha St. Germain
Country of origin South Korea
No. of episodes 39
Running time 23 min.
Original channel KBS
Canal Panda
NTV7, TV2 (formerly)
Cartoon Network (Pakistan)
Cartoon Network (South Korea)
Toonami (Asia) (Final Force)

Mix Master (hangul: 카드왕 믹스마스터, Kadeu Wang Mikseu Maseuteo), (japanese: カード王 ミックスマスター) is a Korea - Japan co-produced anime series based on the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Mix Master: King of Cards. It is a co-production by Nippon Animation of Japan and Sunwoo Entertainment and KBS of Korea. The series aired on Cartoon Network in many Asian areas from Southeast Asia to South Korea and all of Asia between. The story centers on the fantasy and adventure card game, Mix Master.


The series takes place in the town of Camebridge where, through the accidental opening of a portal from the fictional Mix Master video game world of Atreia, the peaceful little town is invaded by the funny and sometimes dangerous game creatures, known as "hench", as well as the game world's evil Prince Brad. The main protagonist, 11-year-old Ditt Lee, is given a card mixer by the eccentric Dr. Joeb, and now must "mix" those hench (as learned from the fictional video game) to achieve peace and safety throughout the series, while he grows into his destiny to become the one true "Mix Master".

The series was followed by a sequel season, Final Force

Main characters[edit]

Name Description
Ditt Lee Ditt is the main character, a lazy 11-year-old who likes nothing more than sleeping and eating (his favorite food being donuts). However, he is a kind and courageous person with a noble and honest heart, and a good friend. When Gamebridge and Atreia are mixed for the first time, Dr. Joeb's plunger device detects that he is the most fitting person to wield the gun-like card mixer, which makes him the first real-life Mixer. He constantly bickers with Pachi, who lives in the same house with him, but they are very close friends. As time goes by, Ditt grows from a lazy boy to a true hero, and in the end, it is revealed that he is the true Mix Master, as several characters suspect from the beginning.
Pachi Pachi is a hench from Atreia. He is cheeky, sarcastic and doesn't trust easily, and will make jokes at Ditt's expense whenever possible. However, he likes Ditt a lot and comes to think of him as his best friend. Pachi is actually the legendary Master Hench, but rejects this duty and doesn't show his true strength because his elder brother, the former Master Hench, died in the final confrontation against the Wraith of the Lost World.
Penril Penril is Ditt's classmate and friend, and the only girl in the Mixer team. She is kind and has a strong will, but is short-fused and rather over-sensitive. She is physically strong, as she trains at taekwondo at her father's dojo. She is the second to receive a heart-shaped card mixer, which works like a bow and arrow contraption. It appears that she is bossing Ditt around and mothering him, but deep down, she really cares about Ditt.
Cheek Cheek is Ditt's classmate and friend, and an expert at the Mix Master game. Cheek is very intelligent, helpful and modest, and he is the team's best consultant in strategies for combining henches. Before Dr. Joeb's plunger device picks Ditt to be the Mix Master, he wants Cheek to wield the card mixer due to his expertise. He eventually gets a card mixer of his own, shaped like a taser.
Jin Jin is Ditt's classmate and rival, but he doesn't befriend the rest of the Mixers until later. He is considered the lone wolf of the gang as Jin initially distrusts the henches, but later comes to trust them and the Mixer team, receiving his own gun-shaped card mixer. He constantly states his disbelief at Ditt being the true Mix Master. He is the son of Gamebridge Town's overzealous mayor, and is always quite embarrassed by his father's actions.
Poy Poy is a young elf from Atreia, who was sent by her mother to find the true Mix Master. She always wants to help others and is very sweet. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to Mix Master lore, and believes she found the true Mix Master in Ditt, becoming his most staunch supporter.
Dr. Joeb In his 63 years of life, the kooky Dr. Joeb came up with many bizarre inventions. He is partially responsible for the mixing of Gamebridge and Atreia, opening a portal in Gamebridge the same time Prince Brad opened a portal in Atreia. Despite all his eccentricities, he is very helpful to Ditt and his friends, providing them with mixing gear and gadgets.

Mix master final force main characters

-Ditt Lee - Chi-chi-Dino King

-Aring - Ang-ang




Name Description
Prince Brad Prince Brad is a vain, egocentric dark elf who opened the portal to Gamebridge from Atreia in search of the Master Hench. He believes himself to be the true Mix Master, and wants to be the ruler of everything everywhere. He does not think highly of humans, especially Ditt and his friends. He is the boss of three bumbling dark elves that he often sends out to wreak havoc in Gamebridge.
Mino Mino is one of Prince Brad's henchmen, a large, burly dark elf with a nose ring. He values power and strength, and doesn't think much of those smaller than he is. Deep down, however, he appreciates the softer, more delicate things in life. He is not terribly bright, and often misunderstands things. His card mixer is a large war hammer. He is the enemy of penril
Jamine Jamine is one of Prince Brad's henchmen, and the only female. She is obsessed with beauty, thinking she is the fairest of them all. She has a huge crush on Prince Brad, and often makes futile attempts to try to get the self-involved dark elf's attention. Her card mixer is a cosmetics compact.
Chino Chino is one of Prince Brad's henchmen, a small and skinny punkster who is rarely seen without his electric guitar. He is loud, energetic and arrogant, and truly believes he is the best of the three henchmen. He loves music and writes songs whenever he possibly can, and doesn't realize that he's terrible at it. His card mixer is his guitar.
Giara Giara is a self-proclaimed white witch who offers her help to Prince Brad. She seems very loyal to Prince Brad and acts in a rather sycophantic manner when he is around, and is actually much crueler than Brad is. In the end she betrays Prince Brad and reveals her true nature; she is, in essence, the Wraith of the Lost World that was sealed away by Pachi's older brother years ago, and is only interested in the destruction of Earth and Atreia.


# Title Summary
01 Legend Of The Mix Master Ditt and his friends awake to discover Gambridge Town has mixed with the game world, Atreia. As the town's people struggle to make sense of it all, Ditt saves a creature from the game world, leaving the elf girl Poy convinced that he is the legendary Mix Master!
02 Hench Invasion The humans and the hench stand at the brink of all out war as each blames the other for invading their world. Before things escalate further, Ditt must discover how to use his Mix Master skills quickly in order to intervene and make peace between humans and hench.
03 The Pie Is Delicious Poy and his new hench friend Penguinsa go shopping at the local magic mall, but when the evil Chino transforms the penguin hench into an evil attack-hench, Poy must break through Chino's mind-control before he tears the stores apart. Meanwhile, Poy calls on Ditt to dispatch Chino using his advanced Mix Master skills.
04 Black Belt Girl Penril, an expert martial artist, offers lessons to a hench who is constantly bullied. But when her star student is brainwashed, Penril must fight back to restore order.
05 Going To Work With Dad! Ditt visits his father's office, only to find that it's been overrun by brainwashed hench! He'll have to calm the chaos to keep his dad's business intact!
06 Cheek, Mix Master? Cheek thinks that he himself should be mix master and not Ditt, because of his laziness and sleepiness. He tries to buy a device from a Koala hench but it turns out to be fake. Mino tries to get them but Dr. Joeb fixed it and Cheek helped out.
07 Rivals Jin has strange feelings, rivalry? for Ditt? Dr. Joeb shows up in Jin's house and Dr. Joeb asks if Jin wants to be a mix master but Jin kick Dr. Joeb out of his house. There was a talent show going on in Ditt's school but Chino interrupts to make people fall in dreamland. Jin saves the day and he becomes a mix master.
08 Sports day It's sports day at Ditt's elementary school. But Jamine interrupts it with her hypnotized henches with a higher rank than the Mix master's hench. The gang learned that a lower rank hench can defeat a higher rank hench by working together just like they do in sports.
09 Orb of the black tempest Minions are treating henches like slaves. It seems like Mino is the leader of all this. It's up to Ditt and his friends to stop the minions and free the henches.
10 Mister Blaster goes Ballistic It seems like Ditt's 5th grade teacher has changed into some Education loving Gym Teacher making them run laps. Jamine interrupts and hypnotizes henches to destroy the Mix Masters. Ditt applies what the insane teacher teaches him to counterattack.
11 Chino's such a drag Poy gets kidnapped by Prince Brad's henches, while Chino tries to dress up like Poy to steal Ditt's card shuffler. It's up to Penril, Cheek, and Jin to find the real Poy and stop Chino's scheme.
12 Jin's Secret It seems like Jamie has a stuffed animal fetish. It seems like Jin was treating the henches like candy. Meanwhile Dr. Joeb and the mixers invade Jin's lake house. So does Mino, but they brag him. Why is Jin being mean???
13 Mix Master Challenge The mixers are fighting over who should be the true mix master. It seems like Jin strongly thinks Ditt shouldn't be a mix master because of his lazy and childish personality. So they all engage in a contest to see who is considered the true mix master.
14 Sound Bites and Photo Ops A reality TV show follows the daily lives of Ditt and Jin. In an attempt to be on TV too, Prince Brad's thugs attack the boys and the cameras capture an amazing battle, until something goes dangerously wrong, leaving Poy to become the star of the show.
15 The Expedition! It's a race to find the Master Hench. Prince Brad is running at full speed and so are Ditt and his friends. Who will be the winner?
16 Star Struck! Rumor has it that a celebrity Hench visiting Gambridge is actually the Master Hench! Ditt and his friends discover she's been brainwashed and her new movie is about to become a disaster flick unless they can save her!
17 Shadow When a mysterious Hench steals from Gambridge's rich and gives to the poor, the kids are convinced that this must be the Master Hench. But Prince Brad has the same idea and plots to get to the Hench before they do!
18 Guru-Ga Ditt's classroom is visited by a guest speaker, a mystical Hench named Guru-Ga. It turns out that the Guru's mystical powers are not as advertised, and the kids must jump into action to save him from a Dark-Elf attack.
19 Cave Creatures! Ditt and his friends learn of a giant dragon living under Gambridge's streets. Rumor has it that this is the Master Hench. When the kids learn he is not, they must defend the helpless dragon from Prince Brad.
20 The Doctor Joeb Workout! Dr. Joeb enrolls Ditt and friends in a bizarre training program to battle the Dark-Elves. Along the way, they find a collection of hidden artifacts, leading to Dr. Joeb's revelation of a long-kept secret of his own ancestry.
21 Flower Power! Prince Brad sends the evil Giara to defeat Ditt and his friends. Giara fills the town with flowers that turn into monsters. Ditt and his friends must counter the attack before the town is overrun with monsters.
22 Gone Fishing A strange creature has been sighted out at the lake. Believing this creature is the Master Hench, the kids and the Dark Elves engage in a battle to reach it first, only to discover it's just Dr. Joeb in one of his latest and strangest contraptions.
23 Pachi's Secret When all of the kids have the same dream on the same night, they decide to follow the clues in the dream. They discover it was a trap set by Giara, and with no one left to save them, Pachi has no choice but to reveal his secret identity!
24 To Catch A Hench With his true identity revealed, Pachi is no longer safe in Gambridge. Fearing that he has put Ditt's family in danger, Pachi attempts to flee but ends up kidnapped by Prince Brad and his goons.
25 Operation "Rescue Pachi" After nabbing Pachi, Prince Brad believes he has everything he needs to finalize the mixture of Atreia and Gambridge. But he didn't count on Ditt's resilience and determination to save both worlds once and for all!
26 Eternal Revival In the ultimate battle, Ditt and Pachi use their powers to permanently put an end to Prince Brad and his evil plans. Although they win a the first battle against the Prince, Gambridge is no longer safe and Pachi must retreat deep into Atreia.
27 Atreia To bring Pachi back, Ditt and friends travel into Atreia and find a world filled with monsters and magic. Unbeknownst to the kids, Prince Brad has sent his field commander, Grom, to stop them.
28 Stage Struck Poy's mother has been captured by Dark-Elves, but the kids soon learn it's all part of Giara's plan to lure the group into an ambush. Ditt must try something that's never been done before if he's going to save them all.
29 The Coral Marble Ditt and friends arrive in Poy's hometown, only to find hostile villagers reluctant to believe that Ditt is their hero. As Poy struggles to convince them, even Ditt begins to feel self-doubt.
30 Trust Me To gain the elves' trust, Ditt and his friends do battle with an army of Dark Elves that threatens Poy's village. After proving himself, Ditt receives key help from the good elves.
31 Bogosity With the help of the Elves, Ditt learns that the Master Hench has fled to a secret place called The Shrine of Ilyria. According to legend, only the Mix Master and his allies can enter this shrine which is located in the crags on a rugged mountaintop. Ditt and his friends set out in search of Ilyria.
32 Do Cards Grow on Trees? Ditt and his friends arrive at the shrine of Ilyria, looking for Pachi. However, four powerful Guardian Hench protect the shrine from intruders. Ditt must defeat the guardians to prove that he is worthy to enter the shrine.
33 The Gates of Twilight
34 Ancient Wisdom Worried about their homes and families, Ditt and his friends return quickly to the human world only to find that it has changed drastically. While they were away in Atreia, Prince Brad used mind-control to turn the hench into an evil army. Now, Ditt and his group will have to fight their own Hench friends.
35 The Sphere of Darkness Prince Brad is preparing to harness the infinite power of the Master Hench. Ditt and his friends cross into the dark-elf world and try to intercept Prince Brad at his fortress. At the same time, Prince Brad's hench begin to mount dangerous attacks all over the human world.
36 Making Friends with the Enemy Ditt and his friends break into the fortress and find Prince Brad and Giara who are draining Pachi of his power so they can use it for their own evil plans. Ditt tries to stop them, but Prince Brad holds him off as Giara laughs triumphantly: she has completed the process. But what Giara reveals next surprises even Prince Brad.
37 The Wraith of the Lost World! The resurrected Wraith of the Lost World can bring the Human and Hench worlds to ruin with the force of his overwhelming power. In an attempt to counter this threat, Humans, Hench, and even the Dark-Elves - support Ditt and his friends as they prepare to rescue their worlds from doom.
38 The Ultimate Hench Battling with the Wraith of the Lost World, Ditt's allies are defeated one by one until only Ditt and Pachi remain. Strengthened by their sincere bond of friendship and empowered by the faith of the good people of the world, Ditt experiences a miracle. The ancient Mix Master of legend awakens the warrior within Ditt, and Pachi suddenly recovers his powers as Master Hench.
39 The Final Battle Ditt and Pachi fight a mighty battle against the Wraith of the Lost World. With a supreme effort, they seal the Wraith away, back in his prison—but his imprisonment will not be permanent until Atreia and the real world are separated again. To accomplish this, Ditt must go back to Gamebridge City and return it to its former state. His work as Mix Master is just beginning...


There are over two hundred henches from different species. They can be fused or 'mixed' together to form a new, stronger hench. Henches are ranked from 1 to 7 depending on their power, with 1 being the lowest and 7 the highest. There are also species such as animal and plant. To be mixed, henches have to be of the same rank and species.

Henches are shown to be very like humans, as they can sleep, eat, talk, and they also tire out if they are used to much. They are known to bond with humans if they show honesty and friendship. They have to obey the orders of the person who owns their card shuffler, even against their will. They also seem to grow old and die.

The Master Hench[edit]

Although henches are ranked till 7, above level 7 there is one hench that is known as the Ultimate Hench and is the most powerful hench. Ultimate Hench comes to existence when all the 8 Henches of Rank 7 are fused together with the help of the Mix Master and The Master Hench. According to legend, the Master Hench has to find one human friend which it trusts above all else, and that human will become the Mix Master. It appears that the Master Henches are usually somehow related, as Pachi's brother was the previous Master Hench. The Master Hench can be mixed to become the ultimate hench that can defeat Giara.

Voice actors[edit]

English Voice actors[edit]

Korean Voice actors[edit]

Spanish Voice actors[edit]

Dubbed at: Babalúvox, s.l. audio-video-studio (www.babaluvox.com)

Directed by: Covadonga Berdiñas Torres

Mix Masters Final Force[edit]

Mix Masters Final Force is the second season of the original mix masters show. In this story, Ditt forgets that he was a mix master. But when the time comes to save the world once again, he finds new friends to help him in his battle against Eva and Babel, the two new antagonists. After the battle, Ditt and his friends meet the true antagonist of the season, Red Knight. They find out that Red knight was once a hero who couldn't resist the taste of power and decided to enslave henches to get more power. He ended up being enslaved by his own core force. When Ditt and his comrades finally defeated him they thought it was over but they had to deal with another big threat: Red Knight had a friend called Blue Fox, also mad due to his mad quest for power. He is trying to obtain the Dark Mix Masters.

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