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Mixero logo.png
Initial release 1 May 2009
Stable release 0.57 / 24 August 2010 (2010-08-24)
Development status Discontinued
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform Adobe AIR
Available in English, German, Spanish, Czech, Italian, French, Korean, Portuguese, Nederlands, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese
Type Twitter and Facebook client
Website www.mixero.com[dead link]

Mixero is an Adobe AIR desktop Twitter and Facebook client application.[1][2] It replaces the conventional Twitter web interface and allows users to send and receive tweets and view profiles. It is compatible with the most popular desktop operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.[3] An iPhone version was released on 14 October 2009.[4] Facebook integration was added on 3 December 2009.[5] Mixero allows users to customize, filter and organize all their Twitter activity.[6]

'Reducing the noise' concept[edit]

All the main features and tools in Mixero revolve around the concept of 'Reducing the noise' introduced by Erick Schonfeld in 2008.[7] He noted that one of the main problems of Lifestreaming systems like Twitter is information overload that clutters the desktop and renders such services unusable. Mixero was the first application to respond to the need of reducing the noise with features[8] like ActiveList,[9] Filtering,[10] Contexts.[11]

Another step towards reducing the noise is Mixero' attitude to screen space consumption. While most of the Twitter clients try to consume as much space as possible to present data, Mixero can be turned into Avatar Mode that effectively minimizes the application to just the users avatar and the channel icons. This little icon cluster stays on top of the desktop and shows when new items are received.[12]


Mixero may have gone under- for latest half of Jan 2012 the site is a default IIS7 page.

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