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Mizoch (Ukrainian: Мізоч, Polish: Mizocz) is a town in Zdolbuniv Raion, Rivne Oblast, Ukraine, 30 km far from Rivne. The first written mention concerns to 1322. Authentication of the city's existence dates from 1429. In 1761 King August III allowed to base city Velykyi Mizoch (Greater Mizoch) in Luts'k district and gave it the Magdeburg Rights (of civic self-government). The Gonfalon and modern emblem was approved by the city council on September 11, 1996. Ruslan Postolovskiy, director of Rivne Institute of Slavonic Studies, was born here.

In World War II, when the town was part of Eastern Poland under Nazi occupation, there was a ghetto from which the Jewish population was taken out and slaughtered.


Coordinates: 50°24′N 26°09′E / 50.400°N 26.150°E / 50.400; 26.150