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In Nguni legend, Mnguni was the founder of the Nguni nation in southern Africa. Zulus are a sub nation in the Nguni nation. Mnguni's name derives from the word Nguni, the name for the majority ethnicity in South Africa. It includes the Zulus, Swazis, Ndebeles, and Xhosas, among others. Most of the different Nguni nations trace their lineage to Mnguni, the king of the unified (pre-Zulu, pre-Xhosa, pre-Swazi, and pre-Ndebele) Nguni nation in South Africa. He is said to have come from the northeast about 1000 years ago.[citation needed] The great ancestors of Mnguni are thought to be a nomadic group of egyptian and white mixture. Much of the Nguni Nation's culture retains very similar aspects of the Ancient Egyptian Empire; however, they also have analyzed the genes of modern Zulus and have found to possess lots of genes similar to Jews.[citation needed]